BBQ Village

181-12 Hillside Avenue, Jamaica
(718) 298-9099

Recent Reviews

Sadia Usman

Now its pretty good service

Mahtab Chowdhury

Very poor place to have food over here. Should be the last place to have food place. All the shops in Jamaica NYC are just diagusting.

Saleem Noorani

Kabab are excellent with garlic Nan… everyday fresh and delicious….Everyone visiting hillside should try….

Syed Alam

Customer service is not goodOnly Kabab roll is the goodOther food are frozen and taste less

Tabain Siddiquee

Good place, but kinda busy whenever I go there

Alfonso George

Exceptional and yummy food, I love the ambience this place has, and the cashiers were helpful. I will surely visit here again.

Will Moon

The food is consistently fresh and flavorful, cashiers hands out fantastic service. I liked the cleanliness and vibes. Will come back again.

Younis Aminy

Price was very high got scammed , they charged extra 3 dollars and asked for tip . Not recommend

Raphael Weiss

The food is regularly well prepared and yummy, cashiers hands out excellent customer service. I liked how clean it is and atmosphere. Would recommend to others.

Gmoneyleak160 Fatboy

Outside the restaurant very filthy inside the restaurant is poor staff is and-presentation sucks of the food management can do much better what they choose to do what ever the health department needs to come down there and grade the place.


Such a dirty place ever I see in New York city.The price’s super high even if you sit there for eat they’ll charge you additional money.Horrible place...not recommended at all

Tughlok Siddiquee

Pakistani food, and it's absolutely dilicious. I am not too fond of the sweets there, but i do recommend the lamb chop the most.

sadia ali

Didn't like the food at all. It was really costly but tasted stale and bland. Just their roti was good.

Roger Harvey

Fantastic food, super friendly staff, always awesome character. They charge fair prices and the food quality is awesome. Fantastic work.


The food is good and the prices aren't but customer service needs some work.....

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