La Contenta

102 Norfolk St, New York
(212) 432-4180

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Paul Mc Menamin

Great staff. Great food. Super chill. Forgot that it was 11am. Felt like 7.30. Brilliant

Will V.

Great spot with friendly and efficient service, good drinks (try the Puerto Vallarta), and excellent food. We sat outside, tables were packed in tightly, on a lovely summer night. Free chips and salsa started us out and then an appetizer of the torta de camarones, which was very tasty, served drenched with a spicy and flavorful sauce. Carne asada tacos hit the spot, although two per order is likely not enough for a full dinner if you are hungry. The chicken with mole was fantastic, a nicely balanced mole, healthy portion (I shared a lot of it with my dinner mate), and served over wild grain rice and plantains. We left happy and will definitely return when back in the neighborhood.

Harrison Smith

Great meal. Chicken mole was one of the best mole I’ve ever had. Can’t go wrong with the tacos either.

Serena C.

Great happy hour! They have lots of snacks, meals, and cocktails for happy hour from 3-6pm on weekdays. Their steak tacos were super filling and margaritas were great. It's a small spot, so not ideal for huge parties. But, it's great for catching up with a small group!

Martha Q.

They indicated on their menu items that are gluten free. Sadly the chips were somehow not gluten free. Food was good and the fish dinner was unique and tasty

Giovanni Jimenez

Great cocktails! Steak dish was really good. Only been once but I’d definitely come back for the cocktails and explore the menu some more. Staff was really accommodating.

Little Lord F.

Mmm Mmm Mmmmm!!! Hot day, craving a margarita....chose La Contenta and WOW how great. Air conditioned seat at the bar, only came in for a cool Marg, got a 'Mijito' delish! Then had to have guac and chips that lead to sharing a 2 taco plate with the hubby, carne asada grilled to perfection hanger steak. Was so happy when we left. Loved it and you will too!

Sandi Peltier

Very authentic Mexican cuisine. Fast and friendly service. Small tables, our table for 2 was the size of a student desk.

Anu D.

Very adorable hole in the wall looking place. Food was unreal, service was great and the place (inside and outside) was vibing. We sat outside since the weather was beautiful in the evening. Restaurant took many precautions for COVID which was comforting. Never had nachos served the way they were here - round plate, every chip had all condiments on it - you didn't have to fish around for stuff and break the chips while dipping. Enchiladas are my go to at most Mexican places. I love the dish and love to compare flavors. I was a happy camper on these ones. My husband had the branzino which he also loved. I recommend all three dishes.

Cynthia Z.

Came here for dinner last Friday. There was an ample amount of seating available both indoor and outdoor at around 5:30pm. However by the time we left around 8ish, this place was packed! The service was excellent and they checked in on us frequently. Nacho Plate: A must order if you visit. It's delicious and beautifully presented. It came with fresh tortilla chips, MASHED black beans, pico de gallo, pepper jack and cheddar cheese, avocado sauce, sour cream, and topped with jalapeño peppers. Tacos de Pescado: I really enjoyed this taco. It was delicious and it came with catfish tempura, avocado sauce, cole slaw, chipotle aioli, and sour cream. Tacos de Pollo: This one was okay. I'm not a big fan of it. It came with pan-roasted chicken, cole slaw, roasted tomatillo salsa, and crema. Hardcore Lavender: I really enjoyed this drink. It's very floral with a subtle hint of lavender. It came with Botanist Islay dry gin, lavender bitters, lime juice, sugarcane syrup, and very very very tiny lavender flakes. Watermelon Jalapeño Margarita: It was good and refreshing. Definitely tasted the watermelon in this drink. It came with Hornitos tequila, St. Germain elderflower liqueur, watermelon, and jalapeño-infused cointreau. Oaxaca Express: This is their famous green drink but it tasted smokey from the mezcal. It came with 100% Espadin mezcal, jalapeño-infused agave nectar, cucumber, cointreau, and basil. Great food! Great drinks! Great ambience! Great service! Will be back!

Somphop S.

Good and drinks is good but the service is very slow. I wait for table (I believe I am a first on the list but she take some big table just arrive first) but it's ok just don't do that with another party again!

Richard D.

I am a Texas native who has lived in NYC for 22 years. Mexican-American (distinct from Tex-Mex) food is a particular interest of mine. I long ago gave up on trying to find an authentic Mexican-American dining experience in NYC. The places where the food is good enough are pretentious and pricey (which is inauthentic alone). The places priced within my usual reach, while competent enough, still disappoint, usually because they have adjusted the seasoning to accommodate the northeastern palate (which I can hardly blame them for). La Contenta provides the Mexican-American dining experience I miss. I've been twice, both for weekend brunch. On the first visit I didn't make my usual Mexican breakfast choice, Huevos Rancheros, because I have been so often disappointed by what people north of Dallas/Fort Worth believe this dish to be. I ordered Chilaquiles instead, because that's a dish that doesn't really have a standard form, it's a bit different everywhere it is made, even in Mexico. I like what they do with Chilaquiles, and that was what encouraged me to make a return visit. On the second visit, I had the Huevos Rancheros, and when I tasted guajillo peppers in the ranchero sauce I was transported to my favorite haunts back home. They get it, they know this dish, they get it right. That's a first in this part of the country for me in two decades of being disappointed time after time. The dish was assembled correctly, the layers went on in the right order, and accordingly served upon fried (but not fried hard) corn tortillas. To celebrate this moment of reunion with a favored staple, I didn't even turn to look at the bar to survey the selection of tequila, because after sampling the Heuvos Rancheros I knew they would have my choice, Clase Azul Reposado. They do, and I finshed off the meal with a shot neat. I almost expected to wander outside and see piñatas available for parents to take home to the kids. From the music, to the menu, to the servers, to the rhythm of the service, to the cocktail menu, to the food choices available, to the selection at the bar, to the mindful attention to the house-made salsas, La Contenta delivers a truly authentic (to this Texan) Mexican-American dining experience.

Micah J.

The food was really tasty! The fish tacos are amazing and the drinks are refreshing and strong . The nachos were also good, highly recommend.


La Contenta has been 5/5 stars for the 4/5 visits I’ve been. Get the nachos! The craft cocktails never disappoint. Try them all.

Jennifer H.

Came here on a Saturday, very cool atmosphere. Ordered the steak tacos (my favorite) and fish tacos. For drinks we tried the Oaxaca express and the el mixteco margaritas as recommended by the waiter. El mixteco did not disappoint. It was sweet and strong at the same time. This is a very casual place. This recommended for small groups and a quick bite.

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