240 Central Park S, New York
(212) 582-5100

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Dayne Kelly


Ben Dailey

Dan was amazing. He did so much more then simply help us. He was our guide on a journey of culinary excellence. It was a phenomenal experience that my significant other and I shall remember forever

Lauren Nicole Giusto

This was my second time dining here, and everything was amazing just like the first time! The food and ambiance were incredible, and the service was beyond exceptional. I will definitely be coming back! Thank you for such a special and amazing experience!

Anthony Le

The perfect meal. We had very high expectations for Marea and our expectations were exceeded. We started with their Insalata & Tuna Crudo. Very pleasantly surprised by both dishes. The salad was the perfect start to the meal and the tuna is very fresh.We ended up getting three pastas because we couldn’t choose just two! We got the Quadrotti, Ravioli Doppi & their signature Fusilli. All of them were amazing. The biggest surprise was the Quadrotti. The combination of the sweet corn and the chanterelles was magical. Of course, the Fusilli was also delicious; the octopus was perfectly cooked.We ended the meal with the Panna Cotta which was also great. The service throughout the evening was great and very attentive. The ambience is sophisticated, but not pretentious. Overall, this may just be our new favourite restaurant in NYC. We’ll definitely be back to try their other menu items!

Bob S

I have liked Marea in the past, but a recent meal there wasn't just disappointing it was substandard for any high-end restaurant and just dismal for a place like Marea. not one of our dishes was better than we might get at a local joint and in one case, not even. If you want creative food at the level that Marea promises, try Lilia in Williamsburg.


SPECTACULAR and expensive and worth it once or twice/year. Busy in the best way. Nice crowd. Excellent staff and, of course, a beautiful room and lovely garden........we ate indoors. Dale & I shared the octopus then I had the best dover sole I've ever had and Dale had the gamberoni which she loves and can hardly ever find. We were with friends from Seattle who we've not seen in too long and could talk and talk catching up. It was a wonderful evening.

Tina M.

I've came here a few times with my husband and friends and we leave satisfied every time. The food is great, the service is stellar, and the ambiance is perfect. Best of all it's right across the street from Central Park so you can take a nice walk after dinner. Great for date night. I'm a huge fan of their pastas. A must have. Highly recommend!

Edward L.

Marea is the single best restaurant in NYC that delivers the remarkable and incredible experience I look for. I think this is the best la carte restaurant in the city. Each plate is full of positive surprises and new experiences. I always enjoy the masterful creation of various applications of Seafood within the Italian cuisine. Always try langoustines as well as spaghetti. Do not forget to have crème fraiche ice cream, one of the most interesting flavors for ice cream ever.

C T.

Wow...this place is disguising itself as a steakhouse, given who closely packed the tables are. I haven't been in a couple of years so not sure whether this is a strategy post-Covid but it's the last time we eat here. My recollections were of a refined, high end Italian restaurant. Now, It's a fairly mediocre Italian restaurant that's horribly overpriced for what it is. A noisy, closely packed after work dinner place. Maybe, having dinner at Le Bernardin and Nougatine the previous two nights didn't set a bar that was too high for this place to meet. Crudos were poorly sliced and thick with the blandest preparation. At $30 a plate for 5 slices, I'm more than happy to order and eat Nobu's yellowtail jalapeño but this was a joke. Pastas were okay...the gnochetti with shrimp was the best of the options. All the pastas were way more saucy than I'm used to from a true Italian restaurant. The langoustines were a joke compared to those at Le Bernardin. For 3 small langoustines grilled, expect to pay $75. I am not frugal in spending on food but when it's not up to snuff, that's when I get annoyed. Also annoyed at having to hear the conversations to the tables near us because the tables were so closely packed together. Also, didn't appreciate all the round table tops and chairs hoisted over our heads as they were setting or resetting tables. There were some large tables near four tops. Seriously?! As someone else mentioned, felt like you were in a dim sum restaurant. Best part of our dining experience was the wait staff. Very professional and should be working at better restaurants. Mark my words, they'll be losing their 1 Michelin star in the next round of Michelin stars are issued.

Elizabeth W.

The vibe was great. Service was amazing. Food was good. But it's a little overpriced though. I didn't think the bone marrow pasta was worth $39. Total for 2 was around $350

JWK 526

Food and ambience was obviously exceptional, I don't think I have anything more to say that hasn't been said here already.What I can comment is on their exceptional service. I was here during Saturday evening, the restaurant and the bar was full. Still, they did not falter even once during the entire night, from ordering and food presentations to beverage service and table clearing, they were on time, attentive, professional, and very friendly. My first time here and yet made me feel like I was a long time patron.As businesses struggle to return to normal from the pandemic, I've noticed that even the most established and trusted restaurants are struggling with service due to staffing issues. Marea, however, seems have recovered completely. It was a great experience.

Olivia On

Excellent service and Ambience for sure.Food wise, really loved the appetizers and Strawberry Field dessert as attached. (Sorry, lighting was dark.) However was not impressed with the pastas or main dishes. For the price, it was good, a but small and not excellent.However was a joy to dine there.


This place was recommended by our hotel and we were so glad we made it with a late reservation. Everything was outstanding! Thank you!!!

Dawn C Larsen

Ashley was amazing and made our experience that much better. the food was outstanding

Liza F.

The hostesses were extremely pleasant when we arrived and we were seated immediately. I was a little surprised at how cramped the tables are. They are really packing you in, but the seating was comfortable nonetheless. After receiving our menus, we sat for a long time before anyone came for our order. Finally, a server came and apologized for the wait. She took our order and returned shortly after with a complimentary appetizer for our wait. This was very classy and much appreciated. It was a very tasty version of caprese salad. For our meal, the two of us shared three pasta dishes. This was an absolutely perfect amount. We had the signature fusilli with octopus and bone marrow. I consider this a must order. The octopus was tender, the pasta was perfectly al dente, the sauce was delectable. This dish will live in my dreams. Second pasta was bucatini with lump crab, peas, and pea shoots. Phenomenal! Lots of sweet crab. The pea shoots added such a light and delicious flavor. Again, perfect pasta. Third was agnolotti filled with artichoke. Also delicious. The flavor was more subtle than the other two ( the octopus sauce practically smacks you in the face), but you really taste the lovely fresh artichoke. For dessert we shared the panna cotta, strawberry fields, and a complimentary birthday cake. The panna cotta was to die for. It has marcona almonds, banana, and salted caramel gelato. Definitely the star dessert. The strawberry fields was ok. The vanilla mousse didn't have much flavor. The fresh strawberries were the best part. The surprise was the birthday cake. It tasted like how you wish a birthday cake would taste from your local bakery. Moist funfetti cake, raspberry gellee, delicious not too sweet icing. Yum! This is a top notch restaurant. I look forward to returning.

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