Muscle Maker Grill

1099 2nd Ave, New York
(646) 895-9533

Recent Reviews

Kabir Motwani

I got the Penne Vodka with Steak. Generous portions and quite tasty. Kind staff. It was terribly hot outside so I do wish the establishment had air conditioning. I see myself coming back but I would probably order something else.

Diane Y.

Good option for a quick healthy meal that won't break the bank. I'm partial to the strawberry smoothie with whey. It is delicious and actually tastes like strawberry! Reasonably priced and decent quality. The interior is more fast food / take out / eat in.

Eric C.

Excellent customer service. Great prices. I came with a coupon gimmick and they were as welcoming as if I paid double. The vegetarian option hit the spot perfectly. I'll be back.

christopher pritchard

i got food poisoning from here

william barnard

grilled chicken I ordered was alright....but I couldn't even try the burger it was that unappealing and the french fries were even worse.....they were soggy beyond belief and I am sort of in shock that the staff would find it acceptable to send fries like that. The protein smoothie was alright.

John J4

Decent protein focused food. Meatballs are a little inconsistent (have bought 10 times) but if you are looking for protein and a quick healthier alt, then I would recommend

beast mode

Such a amazing service this is for lupe ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ and David ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ I love this place food very healthy such a great service

Yusuf Junjua

They had a buy one get one free so I got their burritos and the chicken was chewy. I also ordered a smoothie which never came. Overall it's not a place I would go to ever again

Jorge Herrera

Just called to check on the net carbs of one of their wraps and they simply didn’t know. So much for a “fitness” oriented restaurant. Even fast food chains have their nutrition facts measured.

Sarah G.

I ordered from here for the first time last night. I got the spicy bbq shrimp bites and the teriyaki stir fry (subbed the meat with shrimp). The shrimp bites were okay, the bbq sauce was good, I wish there had been more shrimp inside though. The teriyaki was very watery and the broccoli (that I got instead of rice) was completely soggy and over cooked. I also paid $3 extra to sub the chicken or beef option with shrimp, and there were only 4 pieces of (small) shrimp in the entire dish. I really wanted to like this place because my boyfriend is obsessed with it and hyped it up! He said that the Bronx location is better. I may give it another try and order something else next time he orders, but the lack of shrimp and the soggy ness really ruined the meal for me.

Allie G.

I truly can't relate to all these negative reviews about delivery! I order from this location fairly frequently through DoorDash (they are on dash pass!), and my food has never been delayed, damaged, or missing items. I usually get the wraps (the turkey burger and turkey meatball wraps are my personal favorites) which are great for a healthy lunch. I do wish that they offered some better sides, though. The guacamole side is great but frequently unavailable. Otherwise, nothing but good experiences!

Cameron W

First time at this Muscle Maker. I was standing waiting for someone to greet me and take my order for 5 minutes. I finally asked the guy at the kiosk machine is there staff here and he responds “right here”. I responded, “I’m only asking because I wasn’t greeted nor asked if I was ready to order when I walked in.” He proceeds to stare at me until I looked back at him and he looked away. Mind you, somebody else walked in almost right after the exchange we had and the staff member greeted him. Foods great but staff has to be more friendly and not pick and choose who they greet. He made up for it by saying have a nice day. I guess everybody has a bad day.

Jordan W.

Pretty decent. I wish they had nutritional values on the Grubhub menu. A lot of salt but generally very good flavor for the nutritional content. I think some more creative sides would be good

Jonathan Braun

Thankful to have them in the area. I have some dietary restrictions that aren't by choice and MMG goes above and beyond to make sure that my food isn't cross contaminated with anything I'm allergic to. Even though it's a chain they really make you feel like family.

Quinton M.

Before COVID-19 ruined everyone's plans, my goal is to lose weight. So I decided to try this place to lose weight. I want to lose weight, not lose taste. This place is nasty for real. No seasoning on the food what so ever in the meal, which made it taste bland. They have excellent customer service, so that helps out. Order the Big Protein Shake, which was ok not the best--grilled Fit Bowl with Shrimp, Broccoli, and Cauliflower rice. It was decent, but the broccoli had no type of seasoning; neither did the rice. The price of everything was ridiculous. I spent damn near $40 for a tasteless meal. If you want healthy food, go elsewhere because this isn't the place. One star says it all, not my business.

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