The Door

163-07 Baisley Blvd, Jamaica
(718) 525-1083

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Loretta Lawrence

Tina Marie was our server. She was very attentive and courteous. Food was good! Best Rice and peas.. had oxtail and curry goat. very good. Overall nice evening out!!

Bhar Yerr

Really excellent service right from start to finish. The food was good. Waitstaff and restaurant staff are extremely friendly. The ambiance was great. The ting hit the spot..

Kaycea Campbell

Really good Jamaican food. The best restaurant in Jamaica Queens...very professional staff, ambiance is great, bathrooms are clean, and its a very impressive menu and setup. The flavor of the food is great.

JaLia S.

Rasta pasta!!! Omg! My favorite. The jerk chicken was a bit dry. I’d get curried goat next time. A bit pricy but definitely still worth the visit.

Kenneth S.

Best Caribbean food outside of Montego Bay! The hospitality is unparalleled, the waitstaff are patient and caring. We enjoyed the jerk wings, curried goat & oxtails and roasted fish. The accompanying rice and peas and boiled provisions were amazing: the best piece of pumpkin in a lifetime. Absolutely delicious, we look forward to our next visit!

Mendez Catlin Lois

Great food and excellent ambiance.


The food is great, however, the portions can use improvement. A small Curry Goat $13. and the rice is always enough, the meat is ok but very little vegetable and 1 piece of fried Plantain....can use more veg and at least 2 pieces of Plantain!

Mya Thomas

I am beyond grossed out, this was my second time eating here, I ordered a salmon which was good, went in to eat my salad and i find this little critter on the bottom. Never again


So this is one of my favorite restaurants. I ordered take out around 12:10pm on 7/21/21 order #15, 2 large oxtail Roti with a side of mac/cheese $43.55. “Just so you have a perspective.” So I get inside at about 12:30, there’s about 7 people inside already scattered about. There are 2 staff members taking new orders and handing out previous orders at the same time. I spent 20 plus minutes trying to make my way to the front to get my order. This was so disorganized, meanwhile customers are coming in behind and making there way to the front of the people scattered about and just ordering and shouting out there order number. Would it be too much for The Door management to put up some ropes so that lines can be formed. If you need to witness organization, go to Chipotle, Starbucks, Chick-Fil-A or any other successful business, it’s a free lesson on how to run a business. Also if I’m paying $43.55, why can’t I get the oxtail and roti in the same container how it used to be? The rotti used to be wrapped around the oxtail. Someone said something so profound about businesses in black neighborhoods. “Black peoples expectations are so low that we except mediocre service.” I’m not accepting that, The Door has made too much money not to invest more time and effort in customer service. I blame whoever is in charge. Be different from all the stereotypical so called hood restaurants. I’ll be back and expect to see some changes.

Marc Ferro

Nice place, food was ok could of been better

Timothy G.

Amazing food and beautiful restaurant. Staff was incredibly friendly and welcoming. We are *clearly* not Jamaican... we felt very welcome by all! Very clean, very efficient service, and such amazing smells. We went with the most obvious choices - goat curry and jerk chicken. My wife had a hard time with the heat, though white rice helped (the beans and rice is spicy). I asked for more heat - 2 gravy boats of jerk sauce... the flavors are out of this world. The goat was stewed to be meltingly tender, and the chicken was perfectly cooked (so many people overcook their chicken). We also got a fat slice of black cake to end the night (which we couldn't finish - so stuffed!). They are generous with the booze in the mixed drinks, so be aware you will probably forget ALL your worries after a couple of Ting-a-Lings. A couple or huge parties going on in nice private rooms too. Wish we had one of these in Florida!!

Jasmine J.

Haven't dined in but I order takeout quite often. The food is usually consistent and tasty. My normal orders are brown stew chicken, oxtail, rice & peas & Mac pie. Call to order ahead because there is usually a line out the door.

MsJamaica IslandBeauty

Everything was amazing from the staff, to the ambiance and The FOOD can't forget the FOOD. Everything we tried was delicious.

Will O.

Pros: Best Jamaican food I've had in NYC. Efficient pick up service. Friendly employees. Cons: Pick up can be very crowded. Difficult to find parking

Orlando F.

I see the long lines at this spot...I drive by month after month wondering why the line so long? I think they given away something good inside the building I fine myself finally driving towards Rochdale feeling hungry so I pulled over and parked. I did just like the crowd got in line ordered two dinners for me & da fruit cake wifey. I couldn't believe how long it took to place my order then finally get the meal. I took it over to Rockdale to eat it there. I open the back take the food out getting real excited that it was going to be a great meal, I was so disappointed the meal had no flavor rice dry like the sand on a caribbean beach with no gravy at all on the meat & rice. I was so heart broken...

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