Happy Days On The Go

850 Long Pond Rd, Rochester
(585) 546-2822

Recent Reviews

•Yogi Meme•

Horrible food, I've enjoyed school lunches more than the food here. I don't know if the meat was bad or just tasted disgusting either way I'll not be back. The restaurant has only 18 tables and more than half were dirty both the manager and another employee came out looked around and walked away, so evident it's not their job. I would've given this place less than 1 star if it was an option.The only positive thing I can say about Happy Days was the counter girls were great!

James Conley

Can you say frozen burgers…. Say it with me!!! FROZEN BURGERS!!! Ice cream and milkshake’s are good… but FROZEN Burgers are not. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion… this is mine... WONT BE BACK ANYTIME SOON.

Marcus Travis

Gone down hill from when they were Wimmpys Burger Basket. Food is only the sandwich no fries with it. I ordered the chicken ranch melt got the chicken ranch wrap.

Lindsey Johnson

We love coming here! Never disappoints. Big portions and lots of variety to choose from for ice cream! Havent tried the food yet, but plan to!

Alphonse Lucchese

Love this place. Great food and prices.

Robert Antinarelli

Happy Days newest location and it's great. I recommend the Roc melt, and their chicken wings are really good. Ice cream is phenomenal.

Matthew Malone Smith

fabulous food and great prices!!

Kathleen Zak

Very good quality ice cream. 3rd time here. A nice choice of flavors too.

Kara Trosinski

Kids meals were appropriately sized. Good cheeseburgers. Filling. Onion rings delish.

John Mastrella

Went 3 weeks ago, ordered a cheeseburg with hotsauce, and fries. The cheeseburg was placed sideways in the bag. When I Un wrapped it, the top of the bun was half off, and hot sauce spilled down my leg. I took 2 bites and could not eat anymore. The meat was bland, and the orange hotsauce tasted nasty. Next was the fries. They were crispy, and the oil they used was bad too. The meal went into the garbage.last night I went to a car cruise night. I tried a Buffalo chicken wrap. It was all hot sauce, and runny. It was the size of a dollar burrito you get at 7/11. That went into the garbage also. 18 bucks wasted. That was my 1st 2 experiences . I will never eat there again.

Dave Turpyn

Was at the 1 on long pond for the first time . Best burger I have had ,Staff was friendly and courteous and the prices are reasonable. Would recommend


5 stars for now. It was clean which is huge for me. The staff is friendly and the food was good with generous portions. I will go back.

Ron Godbey

Man a great place for Cruise ins and Great food!

Stephen Bicker

Very nice restaurant inside and out. Everyone eager to take care of you. Will go again.

Sharon Gigliotti

First time here. Ordered wings. They were awesome, perfectly done! Highly recommend.

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