The Old Stone Tavern

758 South Ave, Rochester
(585) 448-1148

Recent Reviews

Steve Hyer

Awesome bar! Great food. Friendly service. Waitresses were awesome. Good music. Great place for food and a great hangout. Tots were killer. Cauliflower bites were also stellar.

Carrie-Lee Touhey

They're short staffed but it's worth a wait. Food was excellent. My son is vegan and had had to have veggie burgers around the city. He said this was the best by far. My daughter had the funnel cake fries, so good. My husband loved the pot stickers. ❤️

Ajw_ 315

Excellent place to hang out and grab food or a drink. Very friendly customer service and serene atmosphere.

Denise S

We were going to go to The Toasted Bear Tavern to eat (for the 1st time) but the kitchen wasn't open yet. The bartender suggested The Old Stone. It was close so we walked there.We were greeted by the bartender who also our waiter. Very nice and we felt at ease right away. He got us drinks quickly. There wasn't too many people at first but it got busier and he was still was very attentive and nice even though he was bartender AND waiter. We got an appetizer and a meal. Everything was delicious. Hot and fresh and my Lemonade mixed drinks were perfectly made! I would definitely recommend going here. Perfect food and very friendly service!!!! Everything was perfect!! I've already recommended The Old Stone to a friend. Oh and they have many TV's, a jukebox, dart board machine....

T. G.

I ordered a “salad” which consisted of one big piece of lettuce in a small French fry box with a few pieces of chicken and the various toppings just kinda dumped atop. Legit thought it was a joke at first. I almost feel bad for writing this review because everyone was nice enough but I still can’t get over that being the “salad”

Chamodhi Ravihansi

Had such a good time at this place. Food and drinks were so good. Very friendly staff. Loved the trivia session. If you can go for the trivia and you won’t regret.

Bella Zima

Toddy was an excellent server. I have a pretty annoying allergy to tomatoes. When my burger came with one, I just set it aside. But Todd caught it immediately and offered to make a new bun. He was very very friendly! The food was amazing. It’s our new favorite place! I got the steak butter burger and it was delicious. The coleslaw was really good as well. Thank you so much Hot Toddy!

2ND Chance development 4 youthz Awakening

It was great took long but food was hot and gud I'm a take my lady next time

Tammy D.

The service was exceptionally friendly. We only came in for beer and cocktails. The cocktails left a lot to be desired. It seemed that the mixes were not measured properly, possibly because there was only one person for the whole bar and restaurant and they were made hurriedly. Beer was great ( I didn't expect less, it was from a can). I'll definitely try it again though.

Shawn H.

Food was good, college vibe. Like everywhere else, need more help. Service wasn't very attentive. Would go back for the food/menu.

Sara E.

my tator tots were extremely salty and my burger had Mayo on it even though I requested it come without. my delivery was early, though, so that earns an additional star.

Greg G.

Second time visiting this location. Food is a good bar food. Food portion as well. Ross was the gentlemen behind the bar I spoke with months ago. And he remembered me this visit as well.. so hat off to him... great selection of beers as well

Horace Arroyo

Our new favorite spot when coming to Roc! Order for take out several times now. The food was always fresh and special attention was paid to keep the fried chicken nice a crisp. Portions are large and make great leftovers! Each time the staff was very helpful and friendly. We are looking forward to our next visit to try more of the delicious food!!

Tom Carlin

Service was fine. My Manhattan was good. Only reasons I'm not giving 1 star. The food though, yikes. Got the fish fry. Everything tasted the same. Like fryer oil. The fish itself was dry. The batter was juicy, because it was soaked in grease. Oil tasted old, and not hot enough (maybe from over use), so the food absorbed it before starting to cook leaving an oil slick on my tongue. Both ounces (seriously 2 oz.) of the coleslaw you get, were dry. Prices are reasonable, so I might go back in the future for beverages, before or after eating elsewhere.


We ordered for delivery: half the food was fine (fish fry and lobster roll); the other fryer foods served (boneless chicken bites/onion rings) were inedible and had to go in the trash, and I'm someone who will eat anything. I tried to cover up the taste with various sauces, to no avail. It was clear the oil used was extremely dirty and disgusting as black charred bits covered the bites. They were also overcooked. The onion rings tasted bad too somehow, like it was fried in a sweet oil. Change your fryer oil, please!

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