The Sawmill

1290 University Ave, Rochester
(585) 266-5000

Recent Reviews

Kerry Geyer-Cripps

Food was amazing and the service was good we will be back

Jesse Cook

Had a nice time at the Sawmill. Drink selection was fantastic with a nice selection of flavor combinations. Bartenders put in the effort to make really great cocktails with fresh ingredients. My wife loved the Crosscutter! Definitely worth stopping here.

Margi Weggeland



We went here because we read a bunch of horrible reviews, and had to see it for ourselves. The service was very good. Our server w as great and attantive. My issue is that for the price of that food you don't get a lot. I enjoyed my meal, beef medallions, but it was just two medallions and some fries. I feel like for $25 I should get a salad and a side. Fries are a cop out. My friend got the chicken kebab, and it really wasnt that good. They need to really step it up if the expect people to pay these prices.

Cecelia Defranco

I've been there for breakfast and it was good. This time we had a reservation for 8 for lunch. 5 of the 8 meals did not come according to the menu. My meal, a salad, didnt come at all. No drink refill unless we asked and no attempt on the waitresses end to explain, apologize or appear in any way to care. She was busy. Thats all there is to that.

Rosa Chilena

They lost my food order, They took an hour to get my food. Food was bland. Then ran out of utensils. If I’m paying $25 per entree give me a real knife and fork.

Keith W.

The pastrami and sweet potato fries are to die for. Well, not literally.

Lori Lamey

The food is out of this world. They have a great chef! Our waitress was satisfactory. She could've made much more money for the restaurant and herself if she was more attentive. They were not busy. There was no excuse but the food was spot-on. Kudos to the chef!

Stephen Lane

Indoor and outdoor seating. Good lunch menu. Pleasant and very busy staff.

Richard S.

It's a great place with really good food. Love the outdoor seating and the menu is accommodates pretty much all appetites.

Abhay Natu

The salads are great. Outdoor seating is good in fair weather. Polite staff. This place can get busy at times. Different kind of decor, with a Sawmill (ha!) theme.

Stephanie Nguyen

I made a reservation for 5 with my family and girlfriend at noon on a Sunday . We were so excited until we showed up and they were closed . Are you kidding me !

Horace Arroyo

Food - my favorite part to review of course. The pancakes are phenomenal. One thing that I enjoy about getting hotcakes from this restaurant is that they are the same on any day! I hate when you get a good batch of pancakes one day and then the next they turn out to be subpar.

Lynn S.

Nice place to get together for lunch with a friend. Patio space out front is spacious and covered even on a rainy day. Loved the presentation of the food and the different selections of the menu. A bit pricey for a weekday lunch but well worth it. Their chai tea drink also definitely hit the spot. Not sure if my friend enjoyed her beef tenderloin grain bowl but the chicken shawarma was spot-on. Sweet potato fries were battered nicely though a bit overdone. Also nice that they have ample parking. Definitely curious to try out their brunch menu.

Christy Suhr

I came here for lunch. Service was slow. We went to order cocktails and they said they needed to see what they could make because there wasn’t a bartender here. They couldn’t make the espresso martini. I ordered the Signature Sawmill Martini...and it came in this glass. So much for a fancy lunchtime cocktail...

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