Skyline Chili

10869 Montgomery Rd, Cincinnati
(513) 489-4404

Recent Reviews

Hope Manning

Just like all Skylines another great staff with great food.

rob goetz

It's Skyline for god sakes. Tastes like home to me I'm

Mark Trotter

Clean safe location. Clean nice inside. Typical delicious food!

Clint Wooldridge

Really great service. I apologize but forgot our server's name. A young lady with pink nails? She was excellent. (My children's suggestion... Plain noodles be plain haha) everything was wonderful.

Jeff Venturini

Always great! Dependably delicious! Go there

Corey Barnett

Excellent service. Easy to get in for a quick lunch

Lane Widick

You need to understand, i'm giving this 4 stars only because the wait staff was amazing. We were visiting from the south, and were told to try Skyline. It's just not good. It's got like sugar or cinnamon or something in it. And they put like a whole package of shredded cheese. I know that the locals love it, and you may have a different flavor threshold than we do, but we just didn't care for it. Again - go and try and out, you may love it, it just wasn't for us at all.

Rich Baker

Aways have Skyline when I'm in Cincy! Still the best

Andrew Phillips

Been going here since around when it first opened. Seems like they really benefited from moving into a bigger building with the addition of a drive-through and a more roomy interior than the old location across the street.I’ve never eaten inside so I can’t vouch for the service on that front. However, the drive-through service is consistently high quality. My order is always accurate and timely. No complaints at all. Will definitely be back.

Hello Neumann

5 stars if you like Cincinnati chili because the coneys and spaghetti s are great and this place is clean and the staff is great.If you don't like Cincinnati chili the salads and wraps are good .If you've never had Cincinnati chili, understand that this is chili like you would put on a hot dog, not tex-mex. I've found people expecting tex-mex are generally disappointed, but those expecting chili dogs are pleased. Mental attitude is everything here.

Donta Carter

From Cincinnati Ohio Young Prettyboy40 Hello everyone Skyline ? was really good Food was really Tasteful I been going to Skyline for 10y. This was my first experience visiting this location really Good staff and coworkers Very clean place Food was Really good I will definitely be back again I recommend you should try it. BE SAFE EVERYONE. 4_16_21


Good service, nice people and clean

Bright Bart

Good location. Unlike most Skyline drive-through, especially the one farther north on Montgomery Rd, they always get the orders correct. Even the portions of cheese given a drive-through in bags seem like more than other ones. You’d think this would be standard but I get the sense others are cheating.

Sean gentry

I definitely love skyline but hear me out... I stopped here to get change for 20 and again one cheese Coney. I asked them to put heavy cheese on it.the guy taking my order at the drive-thru said they cannot do that he would have to charge me for extra cheese. I've never ever had that problem in any skyline.Even on my four ways I get them extra juicy with extra cheese.

Nancy Glaze

Such a special place, very clean, superb service, staff very efficient and friendly!

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