Maru's Cafe

4950 Dixie Hwy ste a, Fairfield
(513) 893-9088

Recent Reviews

Oscar Ojeda

I love

Luis Calderon

Friendly service and great food!!!

Lili Sánchez

Todo es delicioso y accesible.

Mari Moozza

Totalmente, excelente servicio, con un rico menú de variedad....

Marcos TV

(Translated by Google) Everything is fine(Original)Todo esta muy bien

Pablo Portalatin

This place is absolutely amazing! It truly feels like you are in Mexico. I really love that about places like this. I got a pecan ice cream (nieve de nuez) as the daily ice cream they offer and it was absolutely great. A true natural ice cream. You can customize your ice cream with stuff that the Mexicans offer. There are other stuff in the menu that I want to try out next time I come. I recommend everyone to come and check this place out when you are in the area.

Sherry A

I would suggest ordering from Dominos, Papa Johns or Larosa. This place is very unprofessional and does not answer phone calls!!! I have been waiting over 2 hours for an order and no one will even take my call. Ridiculous is an understatement!!!

Jade Salce

They have some good food 😋 I ordered some taki locos and I love it. The service is amazing. I am totally going back to Mary's Cafe. ❤

Adriana Malga

I love it very good food and service

Lizbeth Lopez

Totally recommend

Arleen Díaz López

Riquí­simo y un servicio excelente

Miriam De Reynoso

muy rico y mucha variedad

Miriam Rea Moreno

muy rico y mucha variedad

Michael CD

Friendly service and great food!!!

Darren Anderson

Good ice creams

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