Popeyes Louisiana Kitchen

5102 Dixie Hwy, Fairfield
(513) 939-1555

Recent Reviews

Jeff Hamilton

The wait was slow but overall food ? was delicious

constance krick-johnson

Great food. Good service

Fareed Mayes

The one on Dixie highway! Across from the waffle was great! I went there 30 minutes before closing. And the lady at the drive thru, was fantastic! The food was all hot and fresh. The guy who prepares the food and the cook were All great. I suggest this location to everyone!

Steve O.

I am a weekly eater at Popeyes, but rethinking going to this one - by Fairfield football stadium. The chicken was not cooked all the way. Just had to throw it away. To me that is the minimum - making sure your food is cooked.

Myke Amend

Always out of half the menu. Not sure if the manager doesn’t buy enough or doesn’t have the workers prep enough. 6 times they have been out of what I ordered, three of those they’ve been out of my next choice, and my next as well. Today we sat waiting ten minutes before ordering, listening to the kitchen on the box, before they had time to take our order and say they were out. Don’t go here if you are in a hurry or want anything from the menu. Maybe they should just tell you what they do have when you roll up?

Lisa Neumeister

Food was good, but their service took forever. They can only manage one complete order at a time, so be prepared to wait 15-20 minutes minimum for food after you order.


The food was fine, but the staff seemed disinterested and the short line took a relatively long time to get through.

Mike Stoehr

Stopped to try their regular chicken sandwich since it was rated highly. The drive thru was busy with a 10 minute wait but worth as I was hungry. The chicken sandwich was good but I think KFC's new chicken sandwich is a little better. It is close so I think I may need to try them both again. Tough job! ?

Tyler B.

Be prepared to wait. It took a very long time to get though this line. The incompetency is beyond comprehension.

Tina W.

This was probably the worst experience I have ever had at a Popeye's. It was an absolutely ridiculous wait to place the order in the first place, and then an even longer wait to actually get the food. And the staff was extremely rude.

Terry Rose

New chicken nuggets were great , the help ought to learn how to say thank you.

Clarence Darden

it was nice. The service was good.

Carleen Johnson

Great service, great food. Thx guys.

Jim Ange

Literal 15-20 minute wait in the drive thru while the employees chatted with their friends. Food is awesome

Mikka Smith

I had an okay experience at this location when picking food up (cashier was super pleasant) HOWEVER both my husband and I ended up with food poisoning (Easy to pinpoint as it was all I had eaten for the day and the only meal we shared together.) Just check for freshness of your chicken.

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