Buffalo Wild Wings

1710 Hilliard Rome Rd, Hilliard
(614) 921-2999

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Cherie Kalel

Wings and tenders were flavorful, the fries were bland, but a good amount food for the price.

Theresa McClinton

Nice staff and rates are reasonable. but their wings often taste freezer burnt and they were out of a lot of sides today. I don't know why but when we order takeout the wings are great. When we get them in the restaurant they just aren't as good. Isn't that strange?

Cedric Holman

Buffalo Wild Wings charged us twice on two separate cards. My wife Donna and I called and asked multiple times over the last two weeks for a refund and the store manager refuses to give us a gift card credit or refund. We have since had to file a complaint with the BBB (* 9138c922-f4ac-11eb-8d77-0e63a05a1194*) because Buffalo Wild Wings refuse to refund us and do what’s right. Don’t eat here

Lisa Ann

worst service. The "manager" is really rude!! never going to that location!

Tree M.

Me my dad and my sister wanted to go to b dubs but when we got there we weren't seated until like 5 minutes and once we were seated we didn't even have a server come to our table yet and we've waited about 15 minutes just for a server to tell us they'll be with us shortly. We waited 5 more minutes then left.

Jeffrey Ontko

People working and who took my pickup order over the phone were very happy to help and pleasant. The FOOD however when we sat down to eat it was a different story. When did buffalo "sauce" become powder? Literally powder on almost hard, over cooked boneless wings.... nobody likes DRY powdered wings. Powder was all over most of fries as well. 2 star rating on the food.


My fam & I love BW3's...The atmosphere & friendly staff are great. 1/2 is kid friendly for patents wanting to go out & watch sport events too & 1/2 the other side more for adult for sport events with a bar. Outside eat area too. However we experience sometimes the service for the food ordered & to table took way too long even with the place not even very busy at times...wasn't too thrilled with our last visit.

Jayson Cook

HORRIBLE SERVICE!!!! I will never go back! Every single time I go here I have To argue to get the sauce that I order. It says in their website up to four sauces! I order an order of large boneless wings and everytime I get two tiny little sauce containers for 25ish wings. Then when I ask for more they tell me it's an extra .60 each side. Whenever I have had to talk to the manager there about this he is rude and just acts like I'm a bother. Never go to this one go anywhere else and they take care of the customer not here!

Nathan Knowlton

Great service, on top of your drinks and making sure everything is good

Scott B

Good service and pleasant atmosphere. Have gone 4 times now and each time wings were very undersauced. Once even when I went there the server noticed right before he sat them down and took back. Seems to be a known problem among staff that isn't being addressed.

Rick Brown

Very clean and excellent food. Service is a little slow due to lack of enough help. Overall doing a better job coming back than many competitors. Worth a visit.

Roger Dunn

Service was good food not so much. They brought my wife the wrong food. Mine was disappointing. Will not be back to this BWW. 3 stars only because of the service

Kyle R

It was exactly what I expected. The service was far better than I had come to expect from a bw3 however as I have come to find there are always peaks and valleys in service as well as the quality of the food in general.Ibwill say that nothing was bad but things do not always come out as you are used to getting.My wife ordered coleslaw as she usually does from bw3 and it was less than we were used to. It was almost like it was taken from the top of a newly opened container and never even attempted to be stirred.My boneless wings were decent enough. Normal for what they were but nothing to write home about as anything more than the average that I have gotten at any of the other locations I have visited countrywide.There were some hidden gems that were found in the thai curry sauce and a jalapeno jelly based sauce. They were both excellent.Most bw3's that we have been to have had an issue with orders coming out in a timely manner. This did seem to happen to us however we were there more to talk to an friend than focus on eating so we were not paying that close attention to the times things took nor did we say anything at the time.Fries seemed like they were done in large batches and not to order. Some were cold and others were merely warm. They were edible so I did not send them back or say anything while we were there. As stated earlier our attention was on our friend.I do realize that most places are still hurting after the events of the past year so I am always willing to give a place another chance.I do commend the waitress for her timely attention and wonderful attitude.The atmosphere of the location is definitely very different than precovid however that is to be expected.

Brigid Vaughan

Best service best best patio! Tuesday night half wing tues wed trivia but EVeRy Day is fun here!!

Mary Dobbins

Ordered garlic parmesan wings got the spicy ?? ones I can't eat spicy food. Through it away .called restaurant no one would answer

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