Flyers Pizza Hilliard

5466 Roberts Rd, Hilliard
(614) 529-0123

Recent Reviews

david ricks

Flyers is fantastic. Pizza industry is competitive but flyers figured it out. Whole menu is good. Very fresh vegetables.

Nate Rossel

Pizza shop with a friendly atmosphere and even better smells. Try this pizza! Many locations

Linda Prokop

We ordered the Italian sub. It was amazing! It took a while but they gave us a free 2 liter if pop and 4 cookies. They couldn’t have been nicer!

Brittney Smith

Guest service was excellent just messed up our order asked for two Stromboli one with banna and pep and other with pep and they gave us just one with cheese no pep at all and one with banana peppers they forgot the pep. All together for both of our orders

Charles Morgan

I am a regular customer at the Flyers on Roberts rd Hilliard. I order their pizzas, salads and boneless wings. It's clear to me that the staff at this location takes pride in the service and food they offer at the store. Great job! I am a loyal Flyers customer for life.

Claire Thomas

Always good service and delicious food! Only issue is when I try to put in my address online it’s says it can’t be delivered but when I call in there’s no issue placing a delivery order. I live 2 minutes away so I usually pick up anyway

Ted Hayman

My first time for Flyers Pizza. New location, great waitress, excellent pizza. I will go back.

Opal 626

I love Flyers Pizza. My only negative is the website has a order tracker on it and the locations do not use it. So when you place order online it says estimated time 15 minutes, go by that strictly. I made the mistake of watching tracker and after an hour made a call. Murder was finished 50 minutes earlier and waiting. Not staffs fault. Web designer needs to fix this.

Big Wayne

Passing thru from New Jersey grew up in Philly to be honest was a little worried about pizza in Ohio but WOW blew us away. Brought us back to old school philly pizza. Well done ???

Rebecca Riding

Our order was incorrect upon delivery. I spoke to Greyson and she arranged to have the correct item delivered ASAP! Stuff happens but it’s awesome when they make it right without any problems and have a great attitude on top of it all. Love this location and the wonderful people that work there.

David Steyer

Great pizza bad website management. I always order flyers online from Robert's rd. location. Today I ordered delivery online and it automatically assigned me to the new hayden run location. It allowed me to put everything in cart and when I went to checkout it said store is closed please select a future time lol. There is no way to order online from my address now. It will not let you change stores unless you select pickup. Why? Someone dropped the the ball on this one.

Judy Labarge

Buyers Pizza is the best when we order subs we get the marinara sauce on the bottom with the peppers and we get Italian dressing up on top with all the vegetables no mayonnaise required bon appetit

Leavy Peretto

Decent pizza but I thought the crust was kinda weird. It almost tasted like it was made with wheat flour instead of regular, which isnt exactly bad if you're into health, but idk about healthy pizza. Its impossible to mess up pizza but I don't think this was top tier compared to the cut of the competition in the area.

Josh H.

Just got some bomb cookies. Sam in the drive thru provided me great service. She a queen. Cookies were bussin.

adam sparks

The best well-done wings and sweet sauced pizza ever! Old world with extra parm is always a good choice, especially with a side salad!

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