Joey Chang's

3799 Ridge Mill Dr, Hilliard
(614) 777-0550

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Karen Brown

HOORAY !! Glad 2 b able 2 eat inside Joey Chang's.Our waitress was pretty personable nice smile,service was great NO wait.I had Spicy three delight and fried rice,1 of my favorites. Stop in Joey Chang's and find out what is spicy 3 delight YUM


Delicious and great Thai food in Columbus area.


Love Joey Chang's! Great hot and sour soup, egg rolls and the tofu / bean curd dishes are outstanding! Also friendly service and easy to carry out if dining room is still closed.

Pamina D.

One of our go-to favorite Chinese/Thai restaurants for many years. During the pandemic they were only open for carryout but I believe they have recently opened back up to eat in dining. All of their soups are delicious, especially the Tom Yum soup (with chicken or shrimp) and the bean cake (tofu) soup with vegetables. Their appetizers are highly recommended, including the Szechuan dumplings, the spring rolls, and the tofu or chicken lettuce wraps. They also have several Thai appetizers, although we tend to stick to the Chinese ones. As for the entrees, the noodle and fried rice dishes are always enjoyable. Additionally, there are a number of tofu and vegetable dishes to choose from - more than enough to please any vegan diner. Some favorites are Kung Pao Tofu, Hunan Tofu, Black bean Tofu, and Szechuan string beans. My husband and daughter love the Thai chicken with cashew nut, but say all the chicken dishes they've tried are great. We don't usually order pork or beef in Asian restaurants so can't say how they are here. Our only complaint is that sometimes the sauces come out too oily, which is a lot more noticeable when getting carryout. With plastic containers, it's easier to see oil swimming at the top. If you want to have a great Chinese or Thai meal in the Hilliard area, you can't go wrong with Joey Chang's!

Carrie Columbus

The General Tso's chicken was good... too bad I ordered Orange Chicken.I know it was GTs because that's what my dinner companion ordered. The person who dropped of our meals even asked who got the OC... as they were holding identical dishes. Unfortunately, I didn't notice until they walked away. No one came to check on us until much later so I chose to eat what I had instead of chasing down someone.Decor is lovely and the music wasn't too loud.

Donald Smith

Service was very slow. It took over 10 minutes to get our drinks. We received our main food but it took another 5-7 minutes before the rice that came with each meal was brought to our table.

Natasha Hiveley

It was very clean! I had lunch, and got a a lot of food for the price. I'll go back for sure. It was good hot food too!!

Thanh Tang

Very good food and beautiful excellent service..

Allen Sanders

Joey Chang's has been my go to for Thai-Chinese since moving to Columbus. The very first visit all those years ago i was met with the most pleasant server who helped me customize one of their dishes (basil chicken add cashews) because she "wanted what I ate to make me happy." I was so Grateful for her help because to this day that is still my favorite dish. Everything is so fresh and flavorful!Over the years i have branched out and tried many other things on their menu and i have never been disappointed. Among my tops are Sesame Beef, Grand Mariner Shrimp and Kung Po Chicken. If you're into soups, their Sizzling Rice Soup for Two is so delicious...even if you're just one, LOL (sometimes i will get that as my entree with a side of Spring Roll or Mini Thai Spring Rolls).At any rate, I highly recommend Joey Chang's when you have a hankering for the delicious!

Lyndsay B.

Pretty disappointed by the food. The fried rice was good but the general Tsos was very salty. I got crab Rangoons and only 2 had filling the other 4 were basically just deep fried wontons, not worth the $6 at all

Gene K.

Came for lunch, really nice big restaurant. I had the boneless 1/2 duck in sauce with fried rice..paid $1 for a hot sour soup. Duck was lightly breaded, with a duck/hoisin sauce which was really good..a few bones, not worthy of taking a star off. Really good hot sour small soup with bits of meat...very dark/ rich soup...very tasty...great service, friendly...

Michael Biggert

Our go-to for great Asian food!

Charisma Weilbacher

As always goes above and beyond expectations for a restaurant.... Today I got wonton soup for lunch and is exceptionally good. Exquisite. Highly recommend if you're in the mood for Asian cuisine

James Rickman

People rave about this place but it's just meh. Food isn't crispy, sometimes its soggy and doesn't taste like much. Atmosphere is kind of cool and the staff is friendly, the food is just much better in hole-in-the-wall type chinese places.

Lori R.

Went in tonight expecting to order carry out but ended up pleasantly surprised as the dining room is now open. Dinners were delicious as usual. Several tables of customers which was so good to see. This is one of our favorites!

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