Papa John's Pizza

3644 Main St, Hilliard
(614) 777-4545

Recent Reviews

David Fontaine

Definitely the best chain pizza in Hilliard

Joshua Lau

Would not take my gift card even though the fine print on the card says card will not expire

Jeff Weed

We called and placed a pick up order. When i tried to leave a gentleman was standing in the door, no mask. I asked him to move please because he had no mask, he said he didnt care. The employee didnt say anything but did take the person's order with no mask. I called back and spoke to Niki who said shes the manager, to ask what the policy was and why he didnt have to have a mask.I was told he didnt have to have a mask and she had mixed feelings on mask issue. I said where i live its mandatory by government order, she replied: i dont care i didnt vote for that order. She proceeded to tell me she didnt care how i felt. I cant belive that Papa Johns doesnt care about customers safety more, guess i won't be back to my local store till Niki is replaced by someone not spreading anti mask bs.

arick naeder

Good pizza. Ordering was easy and it was hot and ready to go when we got there.

Denise Burroughs

Called several times and no one would answer the phone. Horrible service

Trent Chamberlain

Very disappointed with the delivery. Took double the time than originally stated. Noticed the driver dropped off another order beforehand, so our food was lukewarm. I shouldn’t have to warm the food in the microwave. I wish there was an option to change the tip, wasn’t worth the $8 tip left for the driver. Won’t be ordering from here again.

Kelly G.

So, I just ordered two papdias, that I have ordered many times in the past, but these today were terrible.  Little to no toppings, on both of them! I guess you don't want to order anything around 3pm

Cristina McCracken

This is the pizza my daughter and I crave!Extra garlic butter please?

Johnny Comacho

Pizza is always cooked well and on time. The one time that it wasn't, they sent a coupon for a free pizza! Great place!

Mike T.

One of the easiest addresses to find, have many deliveries in the past delivered yet this time the driver couldn't find the home. They tried calling but I was out having dinner with gf, pizza was for din. Called and manager said it would be another hour wait mainly because he had ONE driver on a Saturday and other orders ahead of us. Asked for a credit on my account and he said no. Sadly I won't use them again.

Dan Rogowski

They never answer the phone, I have now tried to order three times, put on hold too long. Moved on

P B.

Be aware, this location DOES NOT do contactless delivery. The drivers show up with a credit card receipt for you to sign and include your tip.

Ordering by app doesn't change this

Kara W.

I have observed the delivery drivers from this location carelessly speeding through their shared  parking lot, where there are often children entering and exiting the nearby martial arts school.  I have called and asked them to address this problem with the drivers, but it has not improved.  Just this evening, one of them almost clipped the front of my parked car as the driver quickly cut through the parking spaces directly in front of the school.

TransWalgo Express

HORRIBLE PLACE, RUDE MANAGER & VERY UNTRUTHFUL STAFF...I placed a pizza order at 10:56am and I was told that I will be notified upon arrival. After 2 hours at 12:59pm to exact, I called and I asked where my pizza was? I was told that my pizza is and was sitting in front of my door for over an hour n’ half, God knows who touched it and what else it got exposed to with the COVID-19 & everything going on.No one knocked the door and when I asked why not at least give me a call, the manager lied with a straight voice that they called me numerous times, which was 100% a LIE. I can’t believe he insisted he called or that his driver knocked the door with so much attitude and anger as if I did him wrong. And when I requested a refund, he so arrogantly REFUSED.First time I ever ordered and definitely will be the last. GUYS AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COST. NOT WORTH UR $$$

Natalee A.

Hawaiian pizza and cheesy bread! I love papa John's and enjoyed the pizza. I recommend getting extra marinara sauce for the cheesy bread! It goes fast.

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