TIKKA '? ' KABAB--Halal Chinese & Indian Restaurant

5429 Roberts Rd, Hilliard
(614) 771-0763

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James Andrew

The staff, Moushina, was extremely friendly and very informative on the style of food that they served. It’s a bit of Chinese and Bangladeshi food was delicious. Chili Chicken was fresh and yummy, Thai Thick soup very unique and tasty. Highly recommend.

Best Wosher

Hala chinese is their Specialties.They have great customer service! Musina took our order and served the food. She was very kind and helpful for suggesting us the delicous lunch meal. They provided us veggie Samosa with the meal. They have best samosa in town. I bought 6 more samosa's for my other colleague at work. InshaAllah we will be back every week ❤️❤️❤️

Amad Rana

Omg the Chinese food was really good. I really like it and the service was like I was a vip ????

Gary Hall

They have a small dining area. We wanted a quiet place to rest and eat after a hectic week and that's what we found. Very friendly staff.Not a fusion restaraunt. Half the menu is Chinese, half is Indian. When you can't agree on what to eat, you get double choices here.

Anime Obsessed

This is an amazing restaurant I love the rolls and chicken. This deserves more than a five star rating in my opinion.

Sandip Suvedi

Tried this place for the first time and ordered the Butter Chicken. It was delicious! Service was quick and friendly (I did go there during off-peak hours). I'll be stopping by more frequently, and will try more of their menu.

Anthony Cuttitta

NOTE: Photo is my leftovers, not the actual dish. I was hungry and excited and forgot to take a "before".This was my second meal at the restaurant. The first was amazing with just my son and I, and so I vowed to return with my wife. We did today and it was every every bit as good as last time.Both the veggie and lamb samosas were hot, fresh and flavorful.The goat jalfrez curry was awesome, and was spiced to the exact level I requested. I brought a friend with us too who is a vegetarian, and he was very happy with his meal, and that there's another restaurant in the area with a wide variety of vegetarian options.While my wife and daughter enjoyed their meals, despite not venturing into the Indian faire. The fried wontons we're good, but while the wonton soup was good soup it wasn't what would be expected of "wonton soup". Still, the combo fried rice was good, and the beef lo mein was exceptionally good.Again I made the mistake of ordering the naan though. Not that it wasn't absolutely amazing, but the fact I was so stuffed already I ended up having to share most of it with everyone and taking some the last two pieces home as leftovers for my son.Will be back again, and will continue to work my way through the menu.

Carissa Maynard

One of my favorite places to eat, they give more meat in the dishes than most Indian restaurants I go to, and it’s always so delicious and fresh. They have a wide variety to choose from. But my favorite thing about this place is they ALWAYS go above and beyond. They treat you like family rather than customers.

Tim Hofmann

Went for lunch with the wife on a friend's recommendation.We loved the family who runs the business.The food was really excellent-- Chilli Chicken was crispy with a deep savory spice and perfect heat. Chicken Biryani was a huge portion, seasoned perfectly. Egg Roll and Samosa were very crispy. Perfect.All the food came out piping hot- always a good sign.We'll be back, we really liked this place.

Sloane B.

I have been here twice now - the food is great. Good portions, loaded with flavor, complex, fresh - all the good things. Every curry we've tried was fabulous. I love their naan - both crispy and pillowy soft. How do they do that? Their veggie biryani is one of the best biryani's I've tried. The family who runs this place could not be more charming and adorable if they tried. We'll keep coming back. To be honest - we found them because we got lost (we're new here) and google was being a jerk. I'm telling you - it was fate. We just moved here and this is our new favorite spot to go for comfort food. You know the kind - when you eat it you feel happy and cared for and like the world isn't so bad. Love it! We'll be back. I keep forgetting to take pics because we just inhale this stuff :D. lol

Hridita Dey

The food was very appetizing and full of flavor. They serve with great hospitality here as well. I highly recommend giving this place a try.

Nasreen Khaja

Excellent food and taste. We ordered chicken Lo Mein, orange chicken, General Tso chicken and Mongolian Beef. Wait was 15 mins. But of course you can skip the wait time by scheduling your table and online order, so you don’t have to wait and the food would ready when you arrive.It’s a family run business. They were all kind and all smiles.The food was so delicious and exceeded our expectations. We will definitely make multiple visits. So should anyone reading this.

Danny Silverman

Love the paneer butter masala; I eat it almost weekly. Can’t recommend enough.

Brooke Freeman

Asalaamu Alaikum. If I could rate this restaurant more stars I would. The customer service was amazing and the food was spectacular. I normally don't eat out outside the home, but my husband suggested we grab some food. I was surprised to find a halal Indian restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. A MUST TRY RESTAURANT! I pray this business continues to be blessed by the hands of Allah (swt) and inshAllah open more restaturants in the future. Ameen <3

Daniel King

Great food. Very warm atmosphere, very welcoming and kind staff

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TIKKA '? ' KABAB--Halal Chinese & Indian Restaurant

5429 Roberts Rd, Hilliard, OH 43026
(614) 771-0763