5867 Wooster Pike, Medina
(330) 723-6096

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Christina Van Zile

I don't totally dislike McDonald's! My boyfriend and I love Big Mac's but they never put enough sauce and if you ask for more they charge $.30 for each which is ridiculous because if they put the right amount we wouldn't ask for more in the first place!! One manager gave us money back and another refused to! What kind of operation are they running??

T Rave

This is the worse McDonald's I have ever been too. Justin close them doors and bulldoze the place

Angela Zacharias

The woman at the counter seemed very lost in what to do as a cashier. When completing our order and stating the number we wanted, she reply would you like to make that a meal? Yes that's why we said a number 10.... never did she ask if it was dine in or carry out so when we were done we asked for tent and she relied oh you are eating here.. I will bring your food out to you. After a 10 min. Wait another customer comes up to us and says I think your food is ready and has been sitting up there, of course it was. ugh the tables were horrible yes every other table was avalible for dine in with labels stating sanitized but every one had crumbs on them.

Medina Spotter

They seem to always get your order wrong if your going through the drive through... Make sure you check your order before leaving.

Joanne Krickovich

I have to give this McDonalds a shout out!!! They are always so busy, but they always do a great job on our orders! We go there probably 4 or 5 times a week at least, and our orders are always correct!!! Thanks, McDonald’s! It’s difficult getting all those orders correct all the time.

David Hutchison

Burgers over cooked. I should have known better, but I keep going back. Shame on me

Joanne K.

I have to give a shout out to this McDonald's. My family and I visit this McDonald's several times a week. The service is always super quick and our orders are always correct!!! This is a very difficult task at such a busy restaurant, but it's impressive to me how efficient the service is here!! This is one of the best McDonald's I've ever been to especially considering the amount of fast food traffic that goes through this restaurant!!!

Christina M Weinman

Ordered 2 plain cheeseburgers for our pups. Received one plain cheeseburger and one bun with cheese ketchup and pickles NO burger ! Seems like a fairly simple order to MESS UP.


Very slow!!! Over heard an employee talking about poor scheduling and several gaps in shift coverage. They only have one functioning fountain too and my Dr. Pepper was definitely coke.

Bryana Roberts

Super friendly and they get orders out right away!

Amanda Tosatto

Very clean and fast just to bad the play area isn't open

sharon senal

Love their burgers now that they use fresh meat and not frozen patties on their quarter pounders!!

Michael Daugherty

My quarter pounder was absolutely raw inside last night and other times I had too wait for my food like last night I'm tired of it and I won't be back

Cliff Feightner

Food was good and fresh. We had great tableside service.

Cody Fletcher

This McDonalds is great. I travel for work and since Covid Being able to go inside many other locations hasn’t been allowed. It’s nice to be able to walk in wash my hands and eat.Great staff too! Grace upfront who took my order was super friendly!

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