119 King St, London
(519) 675-9995

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Richard Kilback

Incredibly engaging staff and great food.Perfect vibes for a romantic dinner

David O'Neil`

It was an incredible experience! The food was amazing! Great value for what you get. From the fresh ingredients to their in house sauces and preserves. We will definitely be going back!

Rob McCarthy

First off we never tasted the food. We sat and found the menu limited and a bit pricy. We were told the menu was small due to Covid and limited staff. Ok understandable,but there was still nothing on the menu that jumped out at me. So I explained this to the server and said we will not be ordering anything but thank you. She was accommodating and asked if there was a dish I would like and she would ask the kitchen if they would make it.Great and because they are trying to work with me I will make it simple. Pasta aglio Olio. A second server or manager came to our table and said the CHIEF was not comfortable making that dish. No more ingredients or skill to make that dish than Mac and Cheese! It would be less hurtful if they said the Cook,but the Chief???Cozy looking little restaurant and number of people were eating there however we left knowing Gordon Ramsay was not in the kitchen and unlikely to return next time are in Town.

Arjun Bali

First time ordering from this restaurant and they did such a great job with both presentation and quality of food. I will definitely be back for more!

Emma Dillon

I tried the pizza & antipasto takeout special on Tuesday for the first time - it was absolutely amazing! The prosciutto, pesto & pear pizza was the best pizza I’ve had in a long time - a perfect balance of flavours and cooked to perfection. The antipasto was a generous portion, packaged wonderfully with delicious salumis and cheeses, almonds & pickled veg, with a side of fresh bread. The salad was fresh and the dressing was perfect. Thank you for doing this special promotion - there was absolutely no compromise in quality! I will definitely be ordering takeout again and will be coming back to Abruzzi when we can go out again!

Quan Ly

Amazing Italian food . Had an wonderful dinner here . The waitress was so courteous and nice

Joey Goldman

Certainly amazing as always but tonight it was extra special because we heard laughter again and people genuinely having a great time. That is what great food and great surroundings can do just to lift your spirits. Thanks Abruzzi for another great meal

Ryan Vickramasinghe

One of, if not the best restaurant I’ve been to in London!Great menu, they’ve got everything you want plus some really good unique dishes.AND great music.


Amazing spot that never disappoints! Highly highly recommend. Unique menu with seasonal flavours that you will never get bored of. One of the best restaurants in London, particularly for Italian.


It has been hard for all of us to deal with covid this past year but it was a highlight to be able to finally use a Christmas gift received tonight at Abruzzi...Certainly amazing as always but tonight it was extra special because we heard laughter again and people genuinely having a great time. That is what great food and great surroundings can do just to lift your spirits. Thanks Abruzzi for another great meal. Our server Krisandra was very attentive and always there to help and get what you needed. thanks Rob.. you are doing a great job keeping this going.

Kelly Kat Ambrogio

This is my FAVOURITE restaurant in London . Everything/everyone is perfect always . Robbie and his staff have a way of making you feel so special. You know they appreciate you from their heart

Damon Calderbank

I Was very impressed by Abruzzi. Atmosphere was great! So happy they serve oysters as I can never have enough of them. The servers were friendly and attentive. The food was DELICIOUS! was seriously very impressed. Amazing flavours. I had the filet mignon which was cooked perfectly. It came with gnocchi, green beans, mushrooms and onions which tasted so good. My wife had the scallop and prawn pasta which I had to sample and was also very tasty! Again, I was very impressed, would recommend to anyone for a great dinner and will definitely be back!

Nicky Bayat

The roasted duck was good but honestly not worth the price ☹️

Shaun Mastrolacasa

This place is amazing. Great tasting food and good portions always leave me satisfied. Highly recommend. Blows these other places out of the water

Beltran Miller

The crostini was by far my favourite. The mixture of duck, coriander, and toppings made for a delectable appetizer. However, the octopus was not what I expected. I think I had in my head a more tender texture typically found with squid tentacles. The pasta was delicious - a reliable seafood dish that was a surprisingly decent portion even when shared.

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