Frank's Noodle House Beaverton

15950 SW Regatta Ln, Beaverton
(503) 430-0901

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Kristina P.

This place deserves 0 stars for the service we had tonight. At home we opened the food to find out our take out order was wrong, which is annoying but not the end of the world. I called to let them know the order we just picked up 15mins ago was not supposed to have onions but did. We asked them to remake the order and would bring back the wrong order when we got the new one. The lady found our order read it back (the order was taken correctly, "no onions") and then I was told that the chefs said they did not put onions so there are no onions in it. I let her know that there definitely were. Her response "there are no onions in it, the chefs did not add them. If you insist there are you are welcome to bring it back for us to inspect and IF we find onions during our inspection then we will remake it". I said can't you remake it now so we don't have to wait 15 mins once we get there and you can have the current order and see it's wrong. To my surprise they would NOT remake it prior to an inspection of the old order (by the way at this point they are 10mins from closing). I would have been even happy w a refund if they just wanted to close but then I would still have to go somewhere else for dinner. I cannot believe the lack of customer service at this place.

Scott F.

This establishment is overpriced, they at unable to follow directions, my order was incorrect. The food is bland and boring tasting. They don't include rice with your order unless you want to pay extra, I wonder if they charge for soy sauce.........greedy! They aren't very flexible with ordering or modifying your order. They really shouldn't be telling customers NO. I will go to another restaurant and spend my money there.

Andie B.

Frank's Noodle House is easily one of my favorite spots in Beaverton. Their hand pulled noodles are absolutely fantastic! We got the Dan Dan, Biang Biang, and black bean sauce noodles! All the noodles went fantastically with all their respective sauces! The noodles were also perfectly chewy and cooked to perfection. We normally get takeout and even after the 20 minute drive home, they always remain warm and hearty!

Clayton OneStar

some of the best noodles ever !! ..I recommend the pork belly noodles..

Evie Cadola

Crab puffs were delicious. Have to give credit where it's due, but the noodles were bland and had no flavor. There was barely any sauce on the noodles, hardly any veggies, and the pork belly and shrimp were bland.

Holly H

So good and online ordering is super easy.

Chris Lapp DeAbi

The hand made noodles are delicious; so light!

Laura Kernan

Everything was delicious and served fast, dog friendly seating outside.

Gsy Prez

Same delicious hand pulled noodles from the original location in Portland. The food taste wonderful. A must to try when in Portland.

Melinda Yearous

We live in Cashmere Washington and I have never had noodles this good ever! My whole family really enjoyed our dinner. A definite must if you are close by.

Scott McCusker

Had shrimp and tofu hand-pulled noodles and both were very bland. There were hardly any vegetables in these noodle dishes. Dumplings were good and the Szechuan string beans were delicious.

Erin O.

I have been eating Frank's food consistently over the past few months and overall, it is quite good. My first order, I got the handmade dumplings (good) and the signature handmade noodles with pork belly. I liked the chew of the fat noodles and the pork belly, but wasn't crazy about the sauce. My new, standing order is the Egg Flower Soup (best I've ever had!), and the handmade noodles with black bean sauce mixed with chopped pork and onions. Yum. Frank's is a keeper in my book.

Diana E.

My perfect meal: ordering the hand-pulled noodles with chicken (spicy level 2) for takeout, and walking across the parking lot to Craft Pour House to enjoy them with a cold pint. Heaven.

Ty Huckaby

The hand-pulled noodles are outstanding, and portions are very generous. I got the beef hand-pulled noodles, spicy level 4/4, and they were delicious. I don’t have the greatest spiciness resistance around, but my dish was well within my heat limits. The extra chili adds a nice flavor, so I recommend ordering your food on the spicier end (you choose between 0-4).

Megan C.

I am obsessed with this place. I talk about it to everyone I know. My boyfriend is the pickiest eater I've ever met (I mean chicken-and-rice-every-meal picky). But I brought home some beef hand pulled noodles and he ate more than half my dinner. Now I can't go to Frank's Noodle House without my bf getting mad at me for leaving him out . The noodles are so filling! It takes me 3 meals to finish it and trust me, I never want to stop eating it. This place is a MUST.

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