My Favorite Muffin

16065 SW Walker Rd, Beaverton
(503) 533-8677

Recent Reviews

Leslie Walters

Overall a great experience.

Irma L. Perez

The best in the west !! Love their bagel sandwiches - I had the turkey avocado bacon on a jalapeño cheddar bagel and it was amazing!! I wish I could eat here everyday itsss so good!!

Abril Burciaga

Food is great. Mini muffins are my favorite. Knocked it down bc service sucks and it's borderline uncomfortable sometimes.

MillionSteve 103

They have a wide range of muffins and Bagels. It like a create your own Bagel and is honestly 5he best!!!! Definitely recommend going here as there is just about anything you are craving. It's truly amazing!!!! Goof job!!!!

Erik Howard

My new favorite breakfast stop. Everything is delicious.

Morissa P.

I adore this little gem and am sad it took me a year to find it after moving into the neighborhood. This is literally the only place in town that makes egg bagels. What's an egg bagel you ask? Way better than a plain bagel and not as salty as an everything. Think of Jewish challah in a bagel. They have been my favorite since I was a wee lass living in L.A. where my mom and I would go to the Jewish deli every other Thursday to get goodies. Memories... Ok. I'm back. The muffins (hey that's the name of the place! Wow) are all excellent as well. The staff is very sweet. What more can I say. Yummmm

Megan B.

Wait time is kind of ridiculous and staff is sooooo slow & rude most times. I got a bag of chips and they were terribly stale & inedible. Watched the staff microwave the egg for our Bagel Sandwiches & that completely ruined our appetite.

M M.

Wait time is kind of ridiculous and staff is sooooo slow & rude most times. I got a bag of chips and they were terribly stale & inedible. Watched the staff microwave the egg for our Bagel Sandwiches & that completely ruined our appetite.

Taj T.

Glad that there's a solid Bagel option out in the burbs of Portland. I got a bunch of bagels fresh from their ovens. They were a little too fluffy for slicing easily and spreading cream cheese on, but boy were they delicious to eat. The muffins are the winner though, and it's right they named the store for them. I love that with mini muffins you can try all their flavors without breaking the bank or feeling too guilty. I remember loving the chocolate cream cheese muffin and a raspberry streusel type. The toasted coconut was great too, and would have been superb even without the custard inside. Really I don't think you can go wrong with any of their muffin flavors, they're all delicious! Everything in the store tasted totally fresh baked, and would certainly make grandma jealous

Natalie Clay

I love their bagels and muffins. Everything I've tried has been good. Yum! My favorite muffin,indeed.

Rufus G.

My favorite muffin is not quite my favorite muffin..... got some muffins And smelled yeasty. Didn't expect it to taste like it someone's first time ever baking.

Kathleen Hinckley

I discovered this place maybe 2 months ago, and I have gone a dozen times!Great muffins (blueberry cheesecake is my favorite), and their lox spread is SO GOOD get the super lox sando on an everything. They even have CHEVREYTHING, and everything with ? delightfully nice people, and great food

Jenifer Farris

This is one of my favorite places to get a breakfast bagel sandwich! And I can't be the only one because there's almost always a line of people whenever I come here. I haven't tried a huge variety of the types of bagels or sandwiches, but everything I've tried so far has been great.You obviously must also try their muffins since the name of the place is My Favorite Muffin, not My Favorite Bagel. The regular sized muffins are great, but I love getting the mini muffins because you can get a variety of flavors. If you've never been here, it's worth a try!

Angela morton

Came in on a Sunday at 12:45 (close at 1) to grab a muffin and bagel sandwich to go. The 2 girls working the front complained to each other that someone always comes in after they have cleaned the (toaster I’m assuming) and they just expect it now. The conversation was definitely done in an irritated tone. I guess if you don’t want to help customers after a certain time you should just close earlier? Really a shame because I came here often.

Yuli L.

Before covid, my office used to order these often. Not only because they were convenient, but the mini muffins were always big hits. I stopped by randomly to get two large muffins: coconut and Boston cream pie, one for my bf (he loves coconut) and I love Boston cream. Both muffins were delicious and full of sweetness, almost like a donut. My bf said the coconut muffin was soft and gooey like a macaroon. The thick layer of chocolate ganache on top of the other muffin held its shape, didn't melt, and was satisfying. I would recommend this local business for anyone who is looking for the standard muffins or unique sweet creations.

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