Olive Garden Italian Restaurant

11650 SW Canyon Rd, Beaverton
(503) 644-0607

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Laura Flores

Very friendly staff, very fast we asked for lunch, told them we were on lunch break and food was quick and very delicious. Staff was very courteous and attended us very well made sure we got what we needed.

Prateek Goyal

Beautiful ambience. By mistake I got a not properly cooked ravioli and server gracefully replaced dish without asking question.Prefer to book seats by phone as I always find this place crowded specially on weekend dinners

Dylana McTaggart

We ordered the lasagna fritta tonight for takeout and did not double check the menu to see it came with meat sauce now as it usually comes with marinara. We would have sucked it up and ate it but neither of us eat meat. I didn’t want to be “those people” but everyone was so nice and they got us an order with marinara that we could actually eat. We really appreciated it and they totally went out of their way to help us even though it was our mistake!

M S.

You know what? Let's call a spade a spade...Olive Garden isn't "authentic" Italian and it honestly doesn't need to be. We went for dinner and everything was really good! The restaurant was full of families and was pretty loud but my family is loud anyway so we fit right in. The kids Mac and cheese was just velveeta and the amount of broccoli they served made me laugh out loud, but we had lunch for the next day!! The waitstaff was fantastic, everything looked clean, COVID precautions probably could have been better (we were right up against two other large groups in a smaller room), but overall, it was a good dinner in a clean restaurant. Cannot complain.

Annistyn R.

One evening I dined at this Olive Garden and I was frustrated that they wouldn't let me order the kids mac and cheese when that is what I always get . I never have a problem doing this.. I just don't understand why I should be denied from ordering something when that was the only thing I was willing to eat.

darren osburn

Had a great meal here! Don't come to this location alot because they are always so busy. Got in tonight on a rare night that wasn't crazy.Food was excellent as normal. What made the night was our server Heather. One of the best servers we have ever had in our area! Friendly and efficient. Great job!

Mara C.

They have great service and food was great. The kids love going here. My husband loves the endless salad and soup.

Jennifer Miller

We ate at Olive Garden last night our 1st time in a year. Our server was Nick he was amazing, fast, friendly and very attentive. Before we left he double checked we had everything we requested to make sure we were set. Our previous years we used to have a server i forgot her name but she was at this location for years had a few babies over the years she was Our favorite but she's no longer there. Nick was amazing! My 2 boys are special needs and he was patient. Thank you Nick!

Ramy armans

Walked in today to a pretty much empty restaurant with my wife and 2 kids. they tried to seat us in a far dark table by the kitchen and in the bar. When we very kindly asked if we can sit a bit away from the bar the hosts rolls her eyes and say "oh then you gonna have to wait 10 or 15 minutes " . Empty restaurant, every single table in that section is empty. only reason we come to this establishment is because our kids pick it for the mediocre microwaved food. usually we receive decent service but no reason for me or my family to put up with this mediocre service or that attitude.

Ann N.

All Covid precautions being followed. Mozzarella came out 1st and was piping hot, good string pull and flavorful crust. Salad next and of course we filled up so by tge time the main course arrived we were full. 3 good size pieces came w the eggplant and the meatballs were pretty hefty too. All was great tasting and service w Sandy was good. Frequently checked on us but not hovering.

Christy Reichert

Service was amazing and server was very knowledgeable. The food was very good, except the chicken marsala was teriyaki flavor, not wine. I told the waiter and he said he would inform the cook. The wait time for tables are long during peak time due to under staffing, but meals are served on time w/huge dine out order fulfillment. Pick up may be a better option if eating during peak times. (I wish restaurants would get rid of carpeting. It always makes the building stink of old musty smells. I have not seen or smelled an exception)

Daniel Wait

Food was great, but honestly the service tonight is what made our meal, our waitress Shannon was attentive,had an amazing attitude and is a reason we will return again. After receiving subpar service from other places on our trip Shannon was truly amazing.

Carson Cooper

Had an amazing experience! Thank you to Morgan for taking care of us. Highly recommend!

William Masters

I have been going to Olive Garden for years. And when I suggest a place to eat it is this restaurant. But the menu keeps changing. And things I would order are now gone. Including the Seafood basket and Strawberry Lemonade. When I was there last it seemed more like the Spaghetti Factory all casserole dishes? I ended up getting the ravioli dish with red sauce. There was nothing special about it and I hate diced tomatoes cooked in my food.The waitress literally tried to sale us everything on the menu. Wine,horderves, meatballs with my cheese ravioli?It was really getting annoying. Look I understand restaurants took a big hit last year. We are out supporting you and I felt like I was listening to an info commercial. If we are there ordering food for 4 people let us order and stop working to increase your tips by how much we buy. It is very noticeable and annoyingI am actually getting to the point so many changes have happened that Olive Garden no longer interests me.

janae b.

I ordered the tortellini Alfredo grilled chicken, I didn't eat all of it so I put it in a box to go when I got home it was a long piece of black hair in it I'm pregnant and I throw that s*** up. On top of everything when I was dining in at Olive Garden It took a server 10 minutes to bring us soup and salad it took her 20 minutes!!! to bring us straws!

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