Tan Tan Cafe & Delicatessen

12675 SW Broadway St, Beaverton
(503) 641-2700

Recent Reviews

Meagan N.

I am Vietnamese so keep in mind that I am very critical when it comes to Vietnamese food. Their hours are super convenient so it was a good spot to meet up with some friends. We shared the assorted appetizer platter. That was my favorite dish. I loved the variety and everything was very well made. The meats were juicy and flavorful. I got the wonton noodle soup. It was just okay. The wonton filling lacked flavor. The soup could've used more love. The noodles had great texture though. One of my friends got the bun bo hue. It looked good. But it tasted very average. The broth just lacked a lot of flavor. I also tried my friends bun rieu. Also very okay. Their menu is huge. So I feel like they do everything just very average. Overall, it was just personally not my favorite. They were also out of porks blood for the bun bo hue which kind of makes or breaks the dish in my opinion.

Seung Hwan S.

The best pho in the town. Broth is not too sweet unlike most of other pho restaurants'. The dish was full with noodle and fatty brisket (I chose for meat). The service was very good. Will go back again

Nathan K.

Wow, love this place! Such amazing food and incredible service! The staff are super nice and friendly and we felt very cared for. The food was great too! They have a big menu with lots to choose from, and so we'll definitely be back to try more of what they have. This first time around we ordered a rice noodle plate and Banh Mih which were both delicious. Maybe next time we'll try Pho, and some appetizers. The price for everything is very fair too. All around a great spot to eat!

Michael A.

Consistently amazing pho for years. Small family run joint that just kills it. I enjoy all the pho in the Portland area, but tan tan is my go to spot.

Debbie A.

So Good! And you can sub fresh veg for noodles, I do half and half (small fee) BRILLIANT! They do require a mask for entrance, but they provide for those of us lame enough to not have handy (THANK YOU!) and the little shopping section, genius!

Bacong F.

The pate pastries were my favorite. The spring rolls were delicious. The only protein we did not like was the chicken (white meat and very dry). We ordered pork, shrimp, and chicken. The bun bo Hue was very good! Banh mi were good too. Again, only the chicken we did not like. My least favorite was the banana left wrapped sticky rice with pork, rice jelly with pork, and the Bao's. Those did not hit the mark for me. It was a super cute place.

Sabrina L.

Love the new remodel. Place looks nice and clean. Food is fresh and delicious. High recommend stopping by!

Nicole Doud Prado

We ordered to-go twice in three days and would have happily done so again if there weren’t so many places to try in PDX. It was SO good. I loved the fresh space, bustling with content guests on a Sunday. Highlights were Bahn Mi, Tan Tan Assorted Appetizer special, and fresh coconut water. The assortment of goodies in the front were prime. Wish I could stop by right now just thinking about this family-run deliciousness.

Megan Bickel

This place is amazing as usual and now they've totally remodeled! Its beautiful inside with windows that open to let in some fresh air (albeit not recently....see heat dome). They have even more Oregon made products on display in their 'shop' in front, including their house made sauce. The pho comes in huge portions, and is so comforting even in the summer. I've had their pho to go also and if you heat up the broth when you get home it is still fantastic.Just met a family member of the owner, they were so nice and showed us their family pictures in the shop. Such a great place to go, cannot recommend enough! Also they have a beautiful mural in their dining room!

Joe Pinkston

Delicious food at a great price.Still requiring masks while not at your table and one woman employee was very vocal about it. They require you to split the tab no more than 2 ways. Making it difficult to meet friends for lunch or dinner when you're all splitting the tab.The gentleman serving us was incredibly nice and helpful. Outstanding service.

Sharon H.

Friendly staff. Nice and clean design for the space. I ordered #62 Bun Cha Gio Thit Nuong- Egg roll & grilled lemongrass pork. Sadly some of the pork pieces tasted tough and dry.... Almost like pork jerky. Bean dessert also tasted a bit watery. :( So it's okay... not sure if I would recommend

Craig Stark

wonderful delicious food and great service.

Fraya S.

Great price, great food, great service. It has been years since the last time I was here, and still doesn't disappoint. I think this has the best banh mi in the area, and the food is relatively cheaper than the other places in the area, and better. Also, they renovated the place, so it looks cleaner, newer. I saw an article on Bon Appettit article covering the story of this restaurant, and I am very glad that they made it there and gained more exposure. The female server was very attentive and you wouldn't expect such service from this kind of restaurant. Very satisfied.

Jeff L.

Honestly, I'm not sure what to make of the solid Pho Reviews. The noodles were fine, beef was fine but damn the soup was literally brown colored water? I've literally been to 100+ Pho joints and can tell you that was not broth that has been boiled with beef and spices over a long period of time. We literally left an entire bowl uneaten with the other barely eaten due to starvation. I told the waitress it was literally water and she said she would tell the chef. No offer of a discount and refunding the item. On the plus side Banh Mi was solid. 4/5 on the sandwich. If you are a avid Pho eater this isn't your joint....

Elizabeth S

My husband and I have literally ordered take-out four times in less than two weeks; Tan Tan is definitely our new favorite restaurant. We drive almost 30 minutes across town because it’s that good! Tonight, we added the avocado smoothie to our order and it was delicious! Super friendly, super clean, and the ingredients are very fresh.

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