Toshi Restaurant

745 SW 185th Ave, Beaverton
(503) 649-8007

Recent Reviews

Fenix Ash

Sushi quality is great however the price is not. There are other restaurants around just as good but not so expensive. If you drive a Ferrari and have a mil in the bank you're good, but if not check out another spot.

Riza L

Amazing sushi and chill atmosphere. Only take out at the moment. Can be a long wait during dinner.

Jacy L.

Visited Beaverton and our friends told us about Toshis! They are currently doing takeout only. We ordered quite a lot. Some hamachi & seared salmon nigiri, avo hama rolls, negi hama rolls, yakisoba, teri chicken don, agedashi tofu, and agegyoza amongst other things. But I have to say the quality of the fish was really good! Definitely comparable in taste and in value, to fish in Hawai'i.

Juliette Baxter

I don't eat inside here often, probably only did once or twice (and it was still nice!) but I love ordering the pork katsu curry from here all the time and taking it home ?

Cathy Jackson

I love this place! Has amazing and great quality sushi. The service is always friendly. It's not made fast and that's ok because this sushi is made with pride and takes time to prepare. Our food is always so yummy and worth the wait! Please support this business, especially right now during Covid.

Keith Purdy

Hands sound best and freshest sushi around.

Steven S

I first went to this little modest looking strip mall location restaurant maybe 20 years ago and the same Japanese family runs it to this day. I love sushi and eat it every chance I get. I've tried every restaurant in the PDX metro area and there simply isn't a better quality option out there. The fish is far fresher than most and the cuts are incredibly generous. Presentation says "food!" more than "art" but the chef has is own flare that says he takes his craft and food seriously. Order less than you think you need to, you're going to get far more for your money than any of the downtown options (to an almost absurd degree). You don't go to Toshi for the atmoshphere, you go there because you're going to get an incredible meal. Not cheap and bulk oriented like conveyor belt places, but quality, fresh fish that couldn't be eaten in one bite if you tried. And the review I saw that said they don't have rolls is just rolling something else I guess. They have all of the traditional rolls you'd expect plus the more ornate hand rolls if you prefer. They don't do the glammy 8 ingredient show rolls trendier places offer, they are just more traditional than that. But check out their version of a rainbow roll if you really want to see what this place is about (there's one in the photo I posted). We live in Camas now and make the hour long drive just to get this sushi at least a couple of times a month. It's that good. Take-out is reliable but can't wait for indoor seating to return!

Charles M.

Toshi makes the freshest, most delicious sushi in town. We have been going for many years and have never been disappointed. When our two daughters come back to Portland from college, the first thing they want is Toshi sushi. The sushi melts in your mouth it is so good and fresh. A true hidden gem.


Sushi was slightly above average...but the pork katudon was a reasonable price.

Juliana W.

Haven't been here since covid, but excellent not only for sushi but their cooked Japanese food is great too.

Chastilynn T.

I love this place! Has amazing and great quality sushi. The service is always friendly. It's not made fast and that's ok because this sushi is made with pride and takes time to prepare. Our food is always so yummy and worth the wait! Please support this business, especially right now during Covid.

Joanne S.

Great little hole in the wall Japanese restaurant. I've been here many times and it's been my go to sushi place in the Beaverton area. Get the spicy scallop handrolls. They are so good you would not regret it! It has this creamy sauce with masago along with scallops. They have a non spicy version but I highly recommend the spicy one. The curry I've had was pretty good here. I personally wouldn't recommend the ramen. It wasn't anything to rave about but it wasn't bad. If you're craving ramen, I would recommend checking out some other places.

Debra Ozuna

My favorite Japanese restaurant. Everything I've had is amazing. Even getting it to go and it all holds up well and tastes amazing.

Jonathan Y.

I've lived down the street from Toshi's for a year before finally going there. Toshi's is located in a little plaza kind of out of sight. So glad I eventually found them.Toshi's workers are always very polite when taking our takeout order over the phone. The service is pretty quick with big orders only taking about 35 mins on average. Every time we go, they are always wearing masks and the sushi chef is always very polite and says hi and bye.On to the food. We've tried many items on their menu at this point, but for this visit, we decided to get the staple spicy scallop handroll, rock and roll (eel), spicy salmon roll, curry chicken katsu, and toshi don.Of all the things we've tried, I gotta highly recommend the spicy scallop, curry, and toshi don. The scallops they use are always so plump and flavorful. The spicy sauce used comes through really well without overpowering the scallop. This one is a must.The chicken katsu curry also has a lot of flavor. Only thing I would suggest is extra curry on the side. I like a lot of sauce and I didn't think they usually put enough, but I think that about all curry dishes. The toshi don I tried for the first time today and it's amazing. It's loaded with creamy crab salad with all the fixings of a California roll surrounding it. It comes with a couple prawn pieces and tamago. Each bite feels like a California roll, which yields a lot of food for ~$14.Toshi's has become our favorite sushi spot in Beaverton.

Alison S.

This is my favorite place to get sushi in Beaverton! It's a family owned and run. Don't let the strip mall scare you away. That's what makes Toshi's so great, a hole in the wall! Been coming here for many years and it still taste sooo good. The sushi rolls are the best and their food entrees are also good and filling. You can taste how fresh their fish is. I recommend getting the kamikaze roll, spicy salmon roll, and spicy tuna rolls. So happy to find out they are doing take out orders on the phone with covid happening. Food was ready when we got there to pick up. Just keep in mind that they do get busy. So make sure to call ahead.

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