Cal's Donuts & Pastry

2091 River Rd, Eugene
(541) 461-3838

Recent Reviews

Megan S.

Fresh, super soft donuts, not overfried! My only complaint was that my apple fritter was much more fritter than apple. *Cash only*

Steve Molin

Really really good old-school donuts. The twist was delicious, maple bar reportedly best ever. Good coffee. Cash only.

Terry B

Fast friendly service and good pizza

JasonD Camby

Just not for me.. myself I will take an extra few minutes and go to day night donuts on 99. There great with great service. The lady that works early evening is great..

Annalucia Kinder

Cal’s is hands down the best donut shop in town. Even at 2 in the afternoon the donuts taste fresh! The bagels are better than most bagel shops around town as well. The staff is always extremely friendly, which is a huge plus. I highly recommend you come here any time you’re hankering for a delicious donut, or need to pick up a quick breakfast on the go. Just make sure to bring cash with you - all those quarters in your cupholder are finally going to pay off!

chad f

Way over priced for what you get and who puts maple frosting on everything?

Stephanie M.

This place is very straight forward. They have good coffee. They have good bagels. They have good donuts. It's not glitzy or glamourous. They don't have moody folky cafe tunes playing over speakers. They don't have art or macrame pieces hanging on the walls. They don't have 8 dollar avocado toast or 5 dollar small oat milk cappuccinos. This is a legit small, mom and pop shop owned by a local Eugene family. And that reason alone should be why you should support them. Support Small. Support Local. They only accept cash so do equip yourself with a few Washingtons before stopping by. They so have an ATM just in case you find yourself cashless.


Best doughnuts in town!

Mike O

No Boston creme. That's half a star lost. We did get the last two filled donuts among our dozen assorted and they were all delicious. Fresh, soft, good balance of dough to air for the glazed and filled. Cale donuts were great. Not dry or crumbly to the point of needing milk or coffee but not moist and sticky. Definitely go in the morning for the best taste.

Stephanie Blanchard

Great selection and very good quality donuts! Americanos and lattes were really good too!

Robert Callen

Great doughnut and very helpful staff.

Kevin Coker

Other then chinese running the place my boy joe makes the best ?

Colton Ashley

Best donut place in town, and they've been around forever

Phil Christensen

What can you say about the best donuts in Eugene Highly recommend Warm fresh doughnuts

Brenda Perez

Best fritters in town

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