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77 E 29th Ave, Eugene
(541) 515-6554

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Mariah F.

Overall the pizza is fun because you can customize it. However, that doesn't mean it will arrive how you ordered. I've had better luck in person, but somehow my delivery pizzas have always had some issues. Last time I ordered same as this time (pic of tag attached). And it came with olives all over it. I mean completely covering the whole pizza. I didn't order them. This time I got red sauce and had wanted white. I also asked for roasted garlic and last time it was minced/ smashed. This time it was whole cloves and still hard. Not very roasted if you ask me. I picked it all of because it was not a satisfying texture being nearly rock hard. They weren't lacking either. My pizza was covered. For being wood baked pizza I understand some burnt crispy spots but I had to rip off the crust of half my pizza for being super black. I was happy to see more topping this time ordering and delivery didn't take too long either. (I know that's not part of the restaurant and a 3rd party, but that's still a desirable factor when ordering online.) my sheet for what I wanted was clear. Overall this pizza has good flavor. It is thin and gets a bit soggy when sitting too long or as leftovers. Fun customizable place. Maybe not a top 5 pizza places.. more in top 20.

Constance Sharp

Best customer service I’ve had in a long time!! Tim and Bea were amazing and the pizza was incredible !!!

taylor williams

THIS PLACE IS AMAZING! Ive always had great experiences going in with such friendly staff, but when I took too long getting my pizza as I was stuck in traffic, they made me a fresh one so it was hot when I ate it! THE BEST CUSTOMER SERVICE HANDS DOWN!

Laurel Cooley

Wish I knew how to attach a picture. Staff were very nice. Pizza was AWFUL! All I could taste was the burnt crust. NEVER EVER hope there again.

Ryan Taylor

Absolutely awesome place! Food was delicious, and the staff are always super nice. Fast service, cheap and good food, what more could you ask for!


I like the concept. They put very little sauce and cheese on the pizzas. I had to constantly ask for more. The ceasar salad had a few very gross old dark slimy pieces. My 5 yr old about threw up on one piece. It looked like she was chewing green food dye it was so bad. Pizza tasted good and i liked the bottom and crust being crunchy yet thicker. It was a bit pricey compared to the national chains and i think you get more with the national chains. It was worth trying once i guess.

Pete O.

First off lemme just say that every single time I come in here the customer service is top notch. I had the pleasure of being helped by Bee today and she always does such a amazing job!

Jennifer Olsen

Easy to use their online ordering system. Good pizza too.

Peter Nagy

Decent pizza but their online order system is utterly terrible. I’ve been here three times in the past few months and each time the pickup process has been a mess. 15 min to a half hour late each time. The first couple times were weekends and busy, so some delay was understandable. Today I was here on a weekday, ordered 45 minutes in advance online and when I arrived there were only two other people in the place. Despite this I am at 15 minutes and counting. Online ordering needs to be revised to accurately reflect when food will be ready

Daniel TerraNova (Alex)

Made my own Mediterranean pizza and have to say it turned out delicious. And was even better the day after.

Mariah Mikel

DON’T ORDER ONLINE. Ordered online due to “extreme risk” and no dine in eating, figured this would probably be the preferred/better way of ordering. As I’m trying to support local, I also left a nice tip when I placed my order. I HAVE BEEN WAITING AN HOUR AND HALF. However, people that walk in and order are in and out in 10 minutes. Now, 3 of my pizzas are done and 1 got “lost” so I have to wait for 10 minutes while the others sit in a box, so that I can get my kids pizza. The staff is very nice, and admitted that walking in gets your pizza directly into the oven while online orders get passed by. But unfortunately, being nice isn’t getting my family the food I paid for. Post eating: pizza wasn’t even worth it. Toppings were sparse. Asked for extra sauce, barely had any....very unfortunate.

Alex Terranova

Made my own Mediterranean pizza and have to say it turned out delicious. And was even better the day after.

Zach Shafer

The pizza is so good, but the price still gets me. It seems a little bit higher than the actual value for the size.

Joshua J. Darcy

Friendly staff and excellent food. Conveniently located next to other businesses for immediate vicinity shopping. And I've noticed over the course of the last few months that they have been getting a lot faster with their service which garner's them this five-star rating.

Corban Brush

Great service, everyone is so kind, and very good communication between each other.

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