NorthWest Burgers

296 E 5th Ave #220, Eugene
(541) 485-9176

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bill sakalares

Honestly the best food and INCREDIBLE service I’ve had in our 3 day visit here. They didn’t make a single excuse about being short-handed or not having enough kitchen staff. Food was perfect for our group and the service was completely dialed in. I can’t wait to come back.

Andrea G.

Holy yum!! We stopped here after a college tour and so happy we did it. Everything from the burgers to sides were delicious!!! The burgers were well-seasoned and toppings perfect. They were a perfect petite size for me. Great buns hun! The fries seemed to have a light batter and were perfectly crispy. Sad I don't live in Oregon!

Jena S.

These were THE friendliest workers! The owner came and apologized for our wait and said our food would be out in 7 minutes, but we'd just sat down and we're not at all concerned with our wait. He was very welcoming, the food was out quickly and it was delicious. The chicken strips were real hand-battered chicken, not frozen, the fries were tasty and the ranch sauce was spectacular. I'd definitely come back here again.

Chris Bennett

I appreciate the local sourced beef. But the burger was smaller than the bun, a cardinal burger sin. Sauces were fairly bland and I only tasted blue cheese in one or two bites. The wait was long, but everyone is dealing with a return from covid so I give them the benefit of the doubt there.

Michele B.

I took my son to eat Dinner there tonight met the owner Garret and he thanked us for coming in to eat. I had a bacon cheeseburger and fries it was very good and we also ordered there onion rings it was all delicious. my son had chicken strips with tater tots he enjoyed it as well . garret came back several times to check on us . Great customer service. No matter how busy they got he made sure he greeted every single customer. I was very impressed he is a great definition of a Boss. there was lI've music being played in the courtyard . Great place to go for great food , great service. i will Definitely be back thank you Garret for your top notch Service. Michele Bridges

Megan S.

NorthWest Burgers offers a full bar and pretty decent tap list (8 options or so including a couple ciders), indoor and outdoor seating. We sat on the patio part towards the inside of the market, which is a great Covid option right now. We ordered the Mushroom & Swiss Burger and the Western Burger. Both were tasty and the fresh ingredients showed through, though I would've like a bit more mushrooms on mine. The patties were cooked through (no pink), which is fine by me as I'm currently pregnant, but if you prefer a medium burger you might need to specify that. They did not seem overcooked or dry, however. NW's burgers aren't huge but with the portion of crispy, salty fries along with, it was just the right amount for us. You have a choice between a white or wheat bun and a bunch of dip/fry sauces to go with. Our 2 burgers, 1 beer + 20% tip came to about $41.

Morgan M.

We all enjoyed our burgers but I made a big mistake upgrading to onion rings. They arrived dark brown and so greasy that you couldn't tell there was onion inside. The worst onion rings I've ever had. On a positive note the shrimp bisque was yummy.

Debora Lindsay

Everything they were so friendly great customer service best Burger I have had.

William M.

Would rather go to some other place than pay for their crap on a cracker they call food. Absolute junk and way overpriced

Robert “Jake” Pfander

Underwhelming.For a place that's all about being local, I would have expected better quality. Our two burgers were both very drippy, and not in a good way. They were just greasy burgers. The " homemade " Cajun seasoning was some salt with a little bit of something else. I was expecting some Cajun tater tots, but I got some slightly seasoned tater tots instead. My habanero ranch burger wasn't really spicy at all. I was expecting the sauce to have a little kick, but it did not. I also ordered fried asparagus. Had no idea they meant deep-fried asparagus. It was different, but I wouldn't order it again. Much like this restaurant, I won't be doing it again.

Berry L.

The burgers were just ok. I was expecting a bit more flavor for the price. Fries and onion rings were good. The veggie burger wasn't something I'd order again. If you get the salmon burger I'd ask for some avocado or something extra to give it a little more taste. My husband said his beef burger was good.

Mikayla P.

Service was great, food was so yummy! I loved all the sauce options! This is a new favorite place with plenty of beer on tap

Derek R.

We were shopping at the 5th street market and decided to go in and order dinner to go. They are being covid safe and there was seating inside and out. We had the Western burger and the Blue and bacon burgers. Both were excellent. The beef is really above average. The fries were yummy. I'm just saying...the best burger ever!


First time in and it was fantastic. Staff was welcoming, that's always the important first impression. Ordering was easy. We enjoyed every bite of food. Great quality taste and very satisfying.

Charlton B.

This spot is despicable! I paid over $17 + 20% tip for takeout on what you see in the pic. I placed a quarter on the bun to give size perspective. And yes, I received 4 onion rings with my order! When I called to lodge a complaint the guy that answered, Garret, insisted on arguing with me from the start. Then I dropped an F bomb and he hung up. When I called back to assure him I was finished cussing he asked me to save the meal until I came in next time. Horrible horrible horrible customer service. Then he finally came around to offer me a small discount on my next order. "But we're not coming back. Keep your measly discount, was my answer. I've completely supported our locals during the pandemic, tipping 20% just to play my part. But not here anymore. I'll take my business elsewhere and tell all my friends to do the same. Again, despicable.

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