Shari's Cafe and Pies

15550 SW 116th Ave, King City
(503) 598-0414

Recent Reviews

Kelly Cunningham

Short handed but everyone did their best and food was good

Jeremy Jensen

September 11, 2021Stopped at & to pick up an order.

Lacie Carmalt

Their pie shakes are TO DIE FOR! I love this Shari's. Was lucky enough to have this specific restraunt in my childhood memories. If I'm correct this is the first Shari's that was there since the establishment got created. Very good waitresses and good cooks too. Sometimes past roughly 12am it takes awhile for the food but overall my favorite breakfast place to go

Jacob Armstrong

Kind Staff, and They always have the Orders ready on Time for Us Delivery Drivers. Keep up the Great work Team Shari's King City!

Renee Young

Tualatin Oregon Excellent food! Great service! Made our day start off Great.

Tom Foley

After church lunch grilled cheese sandwich and cup of tomato bisque soup. Just right.i recommend this locati

Lee Engen

Fast and friendly service. Good food. Clean.

Uen L

I wanted to like this place. But their salad was sooooo bad. Never try the salad

Artania W

Good food. Friendly people. Fast service.

iii o

I wanted to like this place. But their salad was sooooo bad. Never try the salad

Jeff H

Food was cold, waiter spilled soda on people food and table, food not prepared correctly. Basically a horror of a visit. Was bad enough that the waiter and chef were not familiar with their menu. Had to have them review the menu to prove what the order was supposed to have on it. Requested refill on soda, waiter brought it overfilled and spilled it on us, our food, and the table. Had to send half the orders back because they were cold, but supposedly just came out??? Have no plsns to revisit this place in the next 10 years, unless i want to waste my money.

Master P.

This place sucks. Plain and simple. Me and my friends use to come here because it was 24 hours, and they had always been rude to us for whatever reason. We use to all sit and some of us would eat, then the waitress would come by and say "Everybody seated must order food or you will have to leave" Why?? When has that ever been a rule? We had came back again and asked a different waitress if we had to do that, and she said she was never informed of that rule? We've had stains on our glasses of water, and we ask nicely for a discount, and the waitress laughs at us and says we don't do discounts and walks away. Like really?? Maybe not the discount but you didn't have to be rude about it. We've had cold food on top of it, the chicken is very dry, and the fries have come back soggy multiple times. The food was always average, really only go there because the pies are decent. I'm not sure why we were picked on so much, when all the elderly people get treated very nicely, and we're singled out really for nothing. Never coming here again and I suggest anybody else to do the same.

Jen Gosnell

The food was as you'd expect for a family diner type restaurant: passable, nothing to write home about but nothing wrong with it either. We sat indoors.The service was quite slow even though the place was not busy. They seemed to be understaffed. The server was apologetic, and mentioned that the dishwasher had been nearly an hour late to work. It made for a longer dinner than I expected, so not the greatest experience. This was all probably partly due to it being fairly early days in emergence from Covid restrictions. I won't be rushing back to eat here again, but if you need family dining at a reasonable price, it's a solid choice.

Sarah Wally

Food was good and they were really nice to me. I returned the next day and remembered me. Felt like I was a regular.

Kim Haislip Hamilton

We love going to Shari's for they're pies. They do have good food but it's not a good bang for your buck.

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