Burger King

802 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 585-9797

Recent Reviews

Frances Heineck

Drive thru only open. Food served quickly. Was tasty. Menu was not available until the ordering location, this slowed things down. The menu should've been ready before the order location, so choices could be made.


Great place for some cheap cheeseburgers for the kids. Best honey mustard sauce too

Blade Storm

Only good to go to if you have the app

Michaela Beezley

My sandwich was made terribly. I got the #12 crispy chicken, bacon and cheese sandwich. It had almost no lettuce, the bacon was all piled on one side and it had one itty bitty slice of tomato that didnt even cover half of the sandwich and was just on one side.. but the lady at the drive-thru window was very nice and gave me lots of ketchup for my fries which were fresh. Plus the lady at the menue didnt bother to ask what size meal I wanted..

Debra Bennett

The lady taking order did not get my order right then they had us go park in the sun to wait for our order ee went thru drive thru and the food was made incorrectly

Linda Campbell

I love their 3dollar special they have 2 of them I get when I eat there

Michael Rogers

Just bad, the burger ? buns were old and dried out, the drive though is exact change only. Everyone handles your food and the bags untill you get to the window and they shove your food in a bucket and that makes it virus free..lol.. this place is bad on too many levels.. I will never go to another BK after seeing all these bad things at just one location

Sheila Farley

Was good. Quick & easy getting through drive thru. Food was delicious and service friendly.

Cherokee Native

It okay longest line drive thru

russell robbins

It's fast food guys, ya know what it is.. The beyond burger us what I get these days..

Norm Walker

The WORST WHOPPER EVER!!! DRY over cooked minimum mayo mustard. The pickles only thing that added moisture. Go..... No RUN to another BK or other burger place!!!

Eric Ellis

Worst bk in town hands down. Dont understand why i dont just drive across town at this point. Food is 100% worse at this location and the service tops worst fast food service in town

Sandra Harris

Quick service and no wait in the drive thru was happy with that

Miguel U.

Do not go to Burger King while COVID-19 is going on because their burgers are really dry, they don't care about the food. They're letting their burgers sit for hours on end not happy about this it happened today on March 29, 2020

Donald Harvey

The food is a lot better than McDonald's, you get more for your money. I recommend this place to all who like a good hamburger. And if you go I recommend you try the impossible Whopper, they're great

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