Dairy Queen

1141 Wallace Rd NW, Salem
(503) 364-5205

Recent Reviews


Good service. Polite.

Marcia Van Wormer

Good customer service, fast and efficient. Hot, fresh food, followed specific order instructions correctly.

Sherry Berlin

Worker didn't have his mask on while touching his face with no gloves on.Handling food .Another worker handling money no gloves on just a ziplock bag on hand.Using same hand that held the money handed us our order and ice cream cones.We're not going back !!!

May Elliott

In my opinion, this is probably the worst DQ in Salem (as far as I have tried). To be honest, I lived in West for a bit, so this was my DQ. I have never had a satisfying Blizzard here. The cotton candy was more like a slightly sweeter vanilla ice cream pumped into a cup. That was the worst one, but all the others just haven't lived up to the DQ yumminess I have experienced everywhere else in Salem.

Dan Kerr

Awesome, M/M Blizzard with extra M/Ms West Salem crew makes great Bluzzards

Sean S

Love me some Dairy Queen. More than just blizzards

Robert v Maddock jr

Because the drive-thru is the only open. it took about 20 minutes to order our food.But that is fine. Food Taste good ?

Melinda Johnson

I love the DQ in West Salem they are awsome.

Terry Naylor

Great service and very friendly at the drive through today.


Every single time I’ve been through this drive through, The employees are incredibly rude. They also manage to mess up my order every time as well in some way, or another. Possibly the worst dq in Salem.

Guadalupe Alvarez Birruete

They were very rude I went and got a blizzard and they didn’t flip them so I told them because if they don’t flip it you get a free coupon so “they checked there cameras” I’m 100% they didn’t flip my blizzard. Very rude.

Chantz Payne

Very clean and professional... pleased customer here!

Courtney Payne

This restaurant is so SO clean and the customer service is top notch! Thanks again!

Sir G

You really can't beat the price and for that reason it is 3 stars.

Stuart J.

Just shut down your store if its producing such poor product & lousy, lazy customer service. I waited 12 minutes....too damn long....just to ask a worker about ice cream cakes. I was nor helped. So I left. One worker was texting or something on their cell. The others were seen briefly, but stayed in the back. Whatever. Dairy queen is dead to me.

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