2830 Broadway St NE, Salem
(503) 362-4929

Recent Reviews

Brittny Marie

I just ordered lunch from there. I ordered from door dash. My order was supposed to contain: a kids meal cheeseburger with fries a milk and an extra chocolate milk (since they don’t add that as an option when ordering a kids meal

The Mad Husher

Always loved the place

cjrock09 yt fortnite freind me

Always happy to have a smooth running business that pays attention to the order details.. never a wrong order

Edwin Cortez-Nunez

If I could give 0 stars I would. No one was at the first window and the guy at the second window 9pm said to park in Drive thu 1 spot. They didn’t even take my card. Waited 15 mins, and still nothing. So I left and also called them that I was waiting for my order. Never have this problem at Lancaster.

Jason Shioshi

Stopped in to get the kiddo some fries and nuggets, if he's happy we are happy.

Rose Turner

Not taking debit cards? It seems very odd that they where only accepting cash and not cards. It was after midnight and when people usually say that they are just pocketing the money and deleting the order. Management at this location should really check on their night crew. Some one looks like they are stealing. Super weird. This day in age most places only accept cards so this made no sense. I will not be giving you cash so you can pocket the money. Bad karma people. You should do the right thing and not steal.

Lamar Baker

I love this particular mcdonald because they are always willing to go above their job.

byron lanwi

It's McDonald's. Fast food, low prices. Staff are great and polite.

Sandy Smith

We had two large iced tasted great

Darrell Harwood

I basically only ever get McChickens and a soda. They haven't messed it up in... almost 20 years. I don't know about all the other issues people had, though.

jeremy south

Good and fast, good customer service and friendly employees

Don Butler

The food was reasonably fresh, but for some reason this store doesn't serve breakfast all day any longer. They got our order mixed up with someone else's and their selection of soft drinks was significantly less than other locations. I would give this location a hard pass and opt for almost anything else.

Dawn M Lange

Usually a good experience here. Pretty good Customer Service etc here. I usually go to this one??


Ordered a MinuteMaid slushie along w/ my meal and was told that they will make it, so I drove and parked at the reserved drive-in to wait. After 5 minutes, did not see anyone and the others cars behind me were served, so I left. Not coming back

David Saltvick

Went to the drive through. It was quick, and the staff was nice.

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