1011 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 364-7105

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Santiago Bravo

For what I know their food is the best in town

Aimond Teico

I forgot her name but she is one of the staff there and she was very nice and hospitable, she did a great service that day I went in.

Rick Dragon

Every time I get fries here they taste like old fries, I don't get it???

Ana V.

Honestly this is my favorite location. Staff is always on point. Never have an issue with my orders. I prefer to go thru drive thru just because it works for me. Haven't been inside since they remodeled but looks good from the outside. Did I mention service is always great!? Oh also I can go to the 3 most closest to me but the others always have a issue with drive thru in general never seems to fail. But I go outta my way to go to this location. Time 9:12pmParty 2 1/2Date 08/17/20

Reacting With Lil Mike

Never let me down. Fries aren't always fresh outta the frier but are delicious either way. 11/10 will go again.

Aprilz Gomez

Quicker than other fast food and my order is always right. Great staff. Go all the time very convenient area.


Kinda slow but the food was super hot.

soleil moor

My favorite McDonald's to go to! Always great customer service! I'm a bit picky so I'll say my half and half tea could have a bit more of the sweet tea... but all in all I do love this McDonald's.

John A.

The service at this location is pretty bad. In fact my experience here was so bad that I contact McDonald's corporate office. Of course they sent me back the boilerplate email that says we take you very seriously as a customer and we're so sorry your experience was not what you expected and we will have our local regional manager look into it. As I say pretty much just a standard textbook reply to a customer who has been done wrong by a giant franchise he of McDonald's. I know each McDonald's is independently owned and operated but the whole point of a franchise operation is so that when you go to one store or you go to all the stores you are treated with respect and like you are a valued customer and that they have a Playbook to use to explain to them how to produce each item in each store to look like the same item from the other store down the street not only did this location fail on presenting the food items in a uniform manner. They also failed with making eyes feel like a valued customer I would suggest not going to this location there is a Burger King just one block away as well as other fast food restaurants what I have been treated much better than at this week's McDonald's location.

Shannon Lewis

Best McDonald's in the area. Clean place, newly remodeled, and has very friendly employees

William Floyd II

For some reason, lately, well past month, everytime I eat the burgers, they "run" right threw me . Tried other burger places, no problem! I can only speculate maybe they are too clean and getting cleaning agent on food too, cause I never gotten sick just food goes right out as fast as it goes in.

isavel Tavera

Ordered for 5 got everything but 3 happy meals they were ready

Anna Feagan

We ordered 2 quarter pounder duluxe and couldn’t believe the amount of mayonnaise they put on them.. we had to scrape it off, it was messy and gross. McDoubles were squished and misshaped, lazily put together.

R Ne

The lights in the bathroom makes me want to bring my glow sticks. Lol

Chewy Layton

This place is awesome, newly remodeled and looks great! Hot food, fast service with a smile. It doesn't get any better than this.

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