Nancy Jo's Burgers And Fries

692 Lancaster Dr NE, Salem
(503) 990-7827

Recent Reviews


Good burgers and heaps of fries

Robert Kay

Great burger and one large ? feeds the whole clan.

michael hunter

Simply amazing food, burgers are well worth the price here. Restaurant was spotless top to bottom. Thanks for the experience guys and gals.

J Gillis

Good burger and fries as well as service

Andrew Polston

Great place for a burger, very good selection. Friendly and helpful staff. I will go back.

Jim M.

Just picked up 3 burgers and fries at the Lancaster location. I have always gotten excellent food here, but not this time. i ordered 3 cheeseburgers to go and an order of fries. Fries and 2 of the burgers were fine, but one of the burgers had a meat patty only half the size of the bun, and was refrigerator cold. The sandwich had obviously been assembled out of refrigerated leftover items, with no attempt whatsoever to warm the items. If I am ever served a sandwich as bad as this one again, I will cease to patronize Nancy'[email protected]

Damon Rodriguez

Doesn't treat her minority employees well. Unsavory work conditions. Will never eat here again.

Bri D.

Love this place and their food, but we were the 2nd ppl here and it's been now 28 min , and still waiting and it's not even the lunch rush, they need help!

Mike S.

Great fries and the burger was super juicy. Service was pretty good, has room for improvement. Definitely come back again.

Mark Lindsay

Good burger at a very good price. Folks are friendly too. So hard to know in the covid age if you pour your drinks, or if they do. I wasn't sure and the young lady behind the counter came out and got for me. This is a good to place to eat.

Bud Bowen

Great awesome Burger did not like the pickle so much service in this rough time at virus was absolutely superb

Elicia Koehn

Great selection at good prices.They have amazing portion sizes and everything is flavorful. Their produce is very crisp and fresh. Customer service is prompt respectful and fast!!There turn around time for the meal is quick. I'm struggling with the 5 stars because I think that they deserve more!

Brenda Cundiff

Stopped in for a quick bite and was blown away at hiw delicious their bacon burger and fries were. Yummy!!!

Carrie Hertel

We just moved to Corvallis from Salem and really, really miss Nancy Jo's burgers (you should put one in Albany or Corvallis... just sayin')! Well cooked burgers with lots of topping choices, tasty fries and amazing milkshakes. Easy ordering online. YUM

N L S.

Very comparable to Five Guys but without peanut oil used for the French fries. That said, Five Guys for the win!

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