Panda Express

1910 Turner Rd SE, Salem
(503) 391-8236

Recent Reviews

Matthew H.

Not quite as good as some others. Portions are smaller. Building is clean and everyone was very nice. They were very quick with the order.

Randy Rich

Very good food great customer service.

Scott Harper

Ordered with the app. When arrived to pick up the order 15 min later they were out of the item and had to wait to make more. Wouldn't of been a big deal except they weren't busy do they had ample time to get order ready.

Amy Sheridan

I come to this panda all the time they finally have gotten the honey sesame chicken back. A couple nights ago I went through the drive-through and I ordered a honey sesame chicken without sesame I understand that they have to make it fresh and I’m totally OK with that. But tonight I went to them and ordered honey sesame chicken without the sesame the gentleman told me he cannot do that because it’s in the name and because they didn’t have enough they were going to have to make it fresh. At this point I am upset because if you have to make it fresh why can’t you just leave the sesame seeds out. Then I said OK that’s fine then I ordered a large box of chow mein and after doing that he tells me that I’m going to have to go through the drive-through line because they’re not allowed to bring anything out past 8 o’clock their drive-through line is massive. I was so upset I told the guy you’ve got three strikes against you I’m not ordering anything tonight and I literally drove away. I felt like he was being such a jerk.

Darci Palmer

Just had the worst customer service in the drive-thru! Took over 15 minutes to get to the speaker to place my order. Once there had to wait another 10 minutes for someone to take my order. Once I started placing my order, the Panda Express employee was talking over me instead of listening for my order. Once I was to the window, I told the employee that it was very hard to hear them at the speaker and that they needed to let a person finish speaking before they talked over them. Which I received attitude for from the employee. After all of this, I wanted to make sure that my order was complete before leaving, the employee then tried to make me pay again and when I stated that I had already paid, they told me to move on.

Dyrel Alleman

Their catering service is great. We ordered lunch for our residents and they made the experience easy and worth the trip. Thanks for the help and the great food.

Kerry Crabtree

They wouldn't answer my phone calls when I was standing outside to pick up my order and when I went to open the door they told me I had to use the drive thru but I didn't have a car. Needless to say my order went cold And I couldn't get it and it was to late to even stop at Walmart to get something to eat. So they get a F for everything

Red Red

I'm in order to pick up I went to the door and they said it was closed so they surged me over to the drive-thru and it took them the longest time to see me or didn't see me cuz I had to tell them that I was picking up an order that I order online they were really rude they had really bad customer service I am not coming back to this Panda Express. On tuner rd

Ted Ferry

Feel bad giving Panda a 2 star as I normally love it. Didn't have two of the beverages I asked for, out of third choice, then tried to upset me on a drink that was my forth option... hmmmm, excited for the food at least, but order was wrong and no SS sauce ... hmmmm, and smaller portions.... hmmmm, should have been one star and left me wondering if they will make it thru this.

LaTasha Ennis-McLoud

Stopped by for lunch decided to wait in the line outside and order because drive-through was full n there were only 3 people in line at the doors. 20 minutes later the drive-through has all new cars, the people that were at Panda before us still hadn’t gotten there food. I went over to where we ordered, to try and get a refund I stood there awhile and no one came. The person waiting longest finally got a worker’s attention and told them he wanted a refund and we did as well. There was more workers in the restaurant than I’ve seen in any other restaurant this whole COVID time but we stood out side waiting for our food for 35min total while the drive threw was flowing and when we got our refund I said if our food was done we’d take it and pay but we couldn’t wait any long she said it’d be another 10 minutes. If you decide to go here go through the drive-through.

Ann Park

Their food is great. Eat it every night if I could.

Linda Coleman

It was a bad experience today!!! I had to wait for Orange Chicken. They said about 3 minutes. It was about 10 minutes parked out front. Then when I got home it was not a double Orange chicken it was a double order of the spicy hot chicken. I can not eat spicy chicken. So it was a total waste of time and money. Very disappointing!!!

Taylor Smith

The food is always so fresh and great. Absolutely my number 1 for family dinners when I don't want to cook. Fast service and nice staff at this location.

Rachel Patrick

App doesn't work! They never give teriyaki sauce with the teriyaki chicken when ordered To Go. Website doesn't tell you that if you order online after 8pm you have to pick it up in the drive thru, this causes you to wait when others are ordering rendering online ordering after 8pm pointless. However, we always enjoy the food.

kelvin jackson

Terrible service. Asked for soy sauce and sweet and sour sauce and didn't get it. So I had to get out of my car and go to the door. I again asked for condiments and one of the counter people YELLED at me to wait. I won't return to that place again.

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