Taqueria Los Panditas

3892 State St, Salem
(503) 365-8226

Recent Reviews

Oscar Porras

Has a very homemade taste and feel.

korin Sanders

Super authentic mexi food from a white girl who has visited Tijuana ALOT. I love this place!!!

Kristina Hall

The food wasbt that great

Aisha Flores

Good but slow

Marissa Loonam

I love this place. Good food for a good price

Kati Perez

I got a torta de milanesa and it was absolutely superior. It was hella big probably one of the biggest tortas I’ve had. Definitely recommend!


Delicious! A friend recommended the Tacos Al Pastor to me and they did not disappoint.

Katie Weigel

I LOVE this place!! Best tacos and best FOOD!

Isidro Gonzalez

Good place to eat tortas Hawaianas.

Homero Aguilar

Nice place good food the only problem can be the parking lot to small

Brandon S.

Meh. Not much to say, tiny tacos, two unnamed sauces, and a blaring TV with a Spanish-language version of Maury Povich.

martin guel

It's a good place to eat

Jose Gutierrez

Great food the tacos are good service is great only negative i see is the parking lot

Andres Barocio

Beware of the pastor. It is not the correct flavor. Too sweet.

Joseph Tattoo

It's alright. The lengua was a bit bland. Flies everywhere. But, it's a quick bite hole in the wall for cheap.

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