Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet

3811 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem
(610) 419-8388

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Jack Roan

Love the grill! Best part of going there.

Michelle Stine

Great Selection. Food is good. I will be back.

Brielle Davenport

Went in there tonight and there was hardly anything and everything they did have was cold. This is the second time this has happened. The first time we ate anyway, didn't complain, paid and left. This time we didn't even eat, just tried the food on our plates and decided to go get hot take out instead. When we were waiting up at the desk to tell the front desk woman the waitress noticed our empty table and ran our check up. The woman at the desk was extremely rude, she tried to use the excuse because it was slow that's why the food is cold. So admitting the food just sits there until it's eaten. She ended up charging us for our two sodas and walked away from us. Used to love this place but it's sad that's how you treat customers.

Jeff Steinmetz

I have to say I really do like the food there at the buffet but the waitresses there need a lesson in manners. My cousins and I were there on Wednesday night and we paid but were still sitting at the table because we were not done eating; we wanted to get dessert. A waitress came and started taking the change they gave us off the table as their tip. My cousin took his change and the waitress freaked out. Isn't it common sense for the waitresses to wait to the customers leave before they take the money off the table?

Laura Palaszynski

Always enjoy their food here. I haven't been here in quite a while but everything was fresh and tasty. Enjoyed the Sushi and fresh fish among other things!

T'nia Da GeM

very tasty with fresh food and good prices. the enviornment is very clean so dining in is a great option also. Staff is helpful & professional. Plenty of food, desert & fruit options. Great place.

Amberlyn Fehr

Always enjoy their food here. I haven't been here in quite a while but everything was fresh and tasty. Enjoyed the Sushi and fresh fish among other things!

Sean Gorman

For what it is a Chinese buffet it's very good. The servers are always very nice.

William Davis

It was a while ago we ate here and I just realized I had "liked" there FB page so I am reviewing, because we loved eating here and the waitress on the visit I'm remembering was very kind and gave my daughter a balloon! The food was so good that I ate too much and my belly looked like a balloon. I was with my extended family from Beijing. They don't speak English but I think they enjoyed themselves. On the way out I told the waitress she did a good job and she pretended to punch me in the stomach. A++++ Everyone should eat here.

Arianna Mackerley

love the variety of foods. My 2 year old, 3 yrs old and my hubby always find delicious stuff to eat at the buffet. The service is always friendly. Wish they had more soft drink or juice options.

Francis Francis CEO of Puppy CO

This place has always been a good Chinese food spot. There are so many options. If you ever want more then just a take out. I recommend this place.

George D

I think this is the third Chinese buffet I have reviewed and I have to say it was better than the others. The food was fresh and well seasoned. I didn't find there was any "carry over" from the previous day since nothing I tried was dried out or stale. I was surprised at the number of selections available especially at the sushi bar. You can make a good meal just out of the sushi. However, on this visit I didn't try anything off the hibachi so I cannot rate that area. Everything I tried from the buffet was good to very good. You really need to explore it by just getting a taste of everything first and then go for what you find best. It's still a Chinese buffet after all. The place is clean and fresh and all the staff were still in masks. Our waitress kept the table cleared of used plates between rounds and the hot tea flowed freely. Our pot was renewed as needed. Overall, I would go there again.

Robin Barker

Wonderful food, good service. Eat there two days in a row! Will go again the next time I'm in Pennsylvania. We're from Buffalo, NY.

Dolly Smith

Good, tasty food. They need to step in up on cleanliness.


The ambiance of the place for me was the people in front of me explaining the entire marvel cinematic universe, a baby crying behind me, and a child watching some squealing video across from me.The sushi was left out all day and the fish was probably caught last month. I'm pretty sure they've killed someone with it because there is a disclaimer "consuming raw fish may result in food poisoning". Disguised as a general statement, this is actually talking directly about their fish as it is borderline sushi grade and the freshest thing on that bar is the dinosaur that decomposed into the oil that made the plastic plates the food is served on. The only saving grace is their Korean barbecue. Even then the people who cook it get annoyed when you order it. If you go here, it would be unwise to expect anything different. Serious golden coral vibes, would not go again

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Hibachi Grill and Supreme Buffet

3811 Nazareth Pike, Bethlehem, PA 18020
(610) 419-8388