Porky's Pizzeria‎

302 W 8th St, Erie
(814) 454-5000

Recent Reviews

Turtle Queen

I loved the little pepperoni that they used! It was so delicious!

Damian Orsini

West side one is my favorite all the food is good delivery is awesome best in the city

Lee M. Simmons jr

I cannot say enough about this fab pizza spot. Wings. Pizza, fries, special orders welcomed. These guys really know how to do really really great food on a budget. Give them a try, the wings here are fantastic.

Sarah Love

We found Porky’s while on vacation in Erie last year so we knew exactly where we wanted pizza from this year. After reading some negative reviews I was a little worried but ordered anyway. It was perfect again.. so whoever these bad reviews are coming from must have got pizza elsewhere :)

Mitchell Kowalczyk

Tonight we ordered food from Porky's Erie and let me just say how impressed and happy I was with the quality and the service they provided. I would say I was hesitant at first considering 3 times I had Porky's Wesleyville I was disappointed. Long story short Porky's Erie delivered our food quickly and it was fresh however the wings were not correct. Upon calling though they corrected it and delivered the correct wings quickly and without an issue or questions asked. I definitely will be ordering again.

Aiden Morrow

Food showed up quicker than expected and was delicious. The delivery driver was also super nice.

Justin Thompson

Love Porkys food in wesleyville. I have never had a good experience at the one on West 8th st location. I called tonight for delivery 2.7 miles away. I am at work and was going to order my guys food. They said they don't deliver that far. Was very rude about it and hung up on me. If you don't deliver under 3 miles why are you even offering delivery. Will not try that location again.


I ordered a chicken bacon ranch pizza and chicken bacon ranch wings. Both were fantastic! An added bonus was that it was delivered very quickly buy a very good delivery guy. Thank you.

Nanette Michelle

Hey guys love through food . this is Nanette great job n besafe

Joshua Will

Stay away if you're in any way interested in quality customer service. I've been a loyal customer for years, even tipping at pick up orders. Recently I purchased a Coke that had the seal broken. Naturally I went back the next day to request an exchange and was told nothing could be done. I'll never be back.

Dennis Burkett

Waited over two hours for a large pizza. Called after two hours and was told it would be here in a few minutes. Waited another 20 minutes and still no pizza. Worst pizza delivery ever. When it did get here it was cold pizza and no silverware for the salad. We are at a hotel, no silverware in our room.

Alex V.

I ordered the stuffed cheese crust pizza and set of boneless wings. The pizza was way too cheesy and greasy. You couldn't pick up a slice without all of the cheese falling off. The boneless wings were above average.

I figure it would be a regular pizza with a small amount of cheese but I was wrong. The taste of the pizza was average, probably I should have ordered the thin crust.

Next time I would try their thin crust.

Ashley Brown

Such a stellar pie i had to leave a review.Easy ordering system online, friendly delivery driver and prompt service.The quality of this pizza is remarkable. Just the right amount of sauce and cheese, and those crispy little pools of deliciousness called pepperoni... so good.

Daniel Daelhousen

Good food but the wings are amazing but they can't seem to get the orders right alot of time.

Ashley Walston

Great food wish you guys delivered to Millcreek.

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