Front Street Diner

4003 N Front St, Harrisburg
(717) 525-9318

Recent Reviews

Judy R

Came here 2 mornings in a row and the service and portions were exceptional. But what most stuck out was the friendliness and hospitality of the hostess, waitress and cashier. I would come back here in a heartbeat if I'm ever in the area again!

Jessica Laing

Usually REALLY good. The last time I went I didn't enjoy it at all... That's the reason for the four stars.

Bradley Field

Always a great place to eat. Clean, friendly service! A+ in my book.

Steve Bailey

Cannot recommend enough. Huge breakfast portions, small prices, extensive menu - the dictionary definition of the perfect diner. Cannot wait to go back for lunch or dinner. At the top of my go-to list in Harrisburg!

Andrew Johnson

For the $39 price we paid for 2 cheeseburgers and fries you would think the meat would be fresh but that was not the case. I would have just shrugged it off as a lousy experience but the fact fries did not come with the burger is mind blowing. The meat was dry and the coleslaw and pickle were above room temp and the patty tasted and looked artificial. It was less than 7mins after we placed our order and they came out before our mozzarella sticks which means the patties were sitting out and thrown on the grill and sent out. We should have gone to the Wendy's instead.

Edd S.

A nice enough diner like any with a large menu, quick and easy food as well as comfortable booths. The food was as expected, nothing special but just as good as some meals we make at home. Nothing to brag about but edible and filling. I had way too much so was able to take half home for another day. Our waitress was very good (ie Pleasant, quick, efficient, etc). Place was generally clean but the booth we were in had a window in which the window sill hadn't been cleaned or dusted in a very long time. Was kind of gross. At times too a got a whiff of a musty smell. A place to stop along the way as we did, decent prices, but not to go out of the way to get a meal. Oh and desserts on display looked a bit messy and stale so we didn't try any.

Dwayne White

This was our first time here. Family of four. Three adults, one teen. Overall, good service. Friendly staff. As a diner with multiple food offerings, the items we got were okay. Not bad but not stellar. Still, we will go back and try other selections. Was glad to support a local business rather than a corporate chain. Hopefully, we will find items on the menu that we will gravitate towards in future visits.

Jason Quaid

Always enjoyable experience and a great location place to check out whether ur local or traveling by.

Gary P.

Yup 2 stars one for the pleasant waitress that served us and one for the coffee carafe that is left on the table but that's about it, my western omelette had tough ham pieces that were inedible and don't get onions on your home fries because that's all you'll get is onions couldn't find many potatoes. My wife's doctors omelette was floating in grease and tasted terrible. We gave this a try because it was close to where we were staying but there are far to many breakfast spots to waste your money here on breakfast that you can prepare better at home !! Don't like giving negative reviews but also don't like wasting my money on lousy food either. Just drive by Front Street don't get fooled by the cars in the parking lot.

Cathy Kilpatrick

Good food, great service. It was so good, we went back the next day for brunch!

Big Mick

Great food, amazing service. Tracy is a true gem. The pork chops are treat! One last thing, try the Greek salad dressing

Elizabeth Hall

Always a great breakfast spot for us! Great friendly service! Love the Eggs Benedict!

Marianna Smith

The very first time we were here was pretty good, but it was disappointing today and on a previous visit. Today, the crock of French Onion Soup was terrible; it was weak and had barely any flavor. My husband actually said it tasted like dishwater! The chili tasted very strongly of vinegar and couldn't be finished. They use some kind of margarine on the toast that doesn't even melt; it just sits on the bread in a greasy layer. Gross. I doubt that we'll be back.Update: we found out today that our son-in-law was sick all night with food poisoning after our visit here. Beware!

Monica Newnam

Needed to grab some lunch before heading to the airport. I searched for restaurants along my route, I81 from Carlisle, and there was not a lot. Saw the good reviews and decided to stop even though it was a little out of the way.Let me start out by saying the menu is extensive. Lots of foods from different regions. Usually I find that when too many food nationalities are represented they tend to do it poorly. So I ordered one of the daily specials for a Wednesday, the Gyro with fries. It said it came with a soup so I ordered the Matzo ball soup with it. I was told that because it was a Special Soup I would be upcharged. I said that was fine. The soup was OK. I haven't had it in so long (now living in the South, it's rare I find it) that I maybe idolized it as a kid and now it is just OK. It came with one matzo ball. The waitress kept saying it should have come with 2 and she would get me one but I didn't want to have her bother bringing me one matzo ball. The gyro was good, better than some I've had but didn't wow me any.I enjoyed my lunch and I enjoyed the conversation I had with the waitress. It was very clean for a diner and the food was satisfying. I will say that the upcharge I got for the matzo ball soup was $6. That surprised me a little seeing as the whole lunch special was $7.99 or something. I was expecting like an $2 or $3 cost increase for the soup. I would go back if I was ever in the area again but I will definitely not get the special soup.

Anna Zeiders

Had a great fish and chips plate that also came with soup. Warm rolls were brought out. A lot of good food.

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