Mangia Qui

272 North St, Harrisburg
(717) 233-7358

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This is our favorite restaurant in the area. But wow were we disappointed. The seafood risotto was undercooked and the seafood bland. Anyone could have thrown this together and have done a better job. Then the lamb chops arrived rare, we ordered medium rare. So we ended up eating our meals separately because it took so long to get the chops back. Will really think twice about visiting there again.

Drew Hart

Ate the best steak around! Great food and service.

Mark Kearse

Superb food and upscale services!

Chuck Smith

Great food, serviceAnd atmosphere!

Melissa Bollinger

One of two places that are worth every penny in Harrisburg. Excellent food, excellent service.

deb H

Fun times with friends, relaxing, good food

Gaz H.

One of the greatest meals in the history of mankind.

Every morsel was exceptional. The kitchen and front of house staff transport you from Harrisburg's surly bounds with their efforts.

Servings are generally modestly-sized dollops of excellence. There are exceptions (looking at you, enormous lamb shank).

Prices are commensurate with the experience.

One may only speculate that this is where lobbyists come to convince state legislators to support various clients' pet projects. No other discernible  reason for it to exist.

Eric P

We happened upon this place is it was near the AirB'n'B we stayed at. Everything was really tasty and the service was spot on. I love the fact that Harrisburg is letting them close off part of the street to serve more people. We sat outside with our puppy, everybody was spooning over her. We had shishitos, foie gras (a special), Caprese, Miche toast (special) Agnello ( braised lamb tagine), spaghetti and meatballs for the kid (she didn't eat them she at mommy's steak) and the tuscan, for dessert the coconut flan. I give them 4 stars for two main reasons- the price (which seems a bit high. 28 for a little foie, 60 for a steak- not dry aged just aged (?) and 10 for the flan which was small and wasn't accompanied by anything (keep in mind its sugar, cream, coconut and vanilla- not very expensive ingredients). And the second reason- we asked for salt, the server give us the feeling that we insulted the house and the chef, like how dare we ask everything is seasoned perfectly. Look everybody has a different level of salt don't give the guest a pompous attitude cause they need a little more.

Tonia Jackson

Went for Sunday brunch with a group of 7. Dined outside. Food and service were amazing.

joseph wang

We had a phenomenal meal last evening! The food was delicious, the service was excellent - our waiter Ben was wonderful! Thank you Staci, Qui Qui and the rest of the staff! We have had wonderful experiences for the past 18 years! Never disappointed! Always our favorite!

Earl Wagner

italian food, mmm, so great. arrived at five, it wasn't busy. reminds me of a place in new york i liked to visit.

Kathy S.

Wonderful brunch outside today !! Impeccable food , service and covid safety protocols in place... Haven't been here since early March and boy have I missed their brunch. Real quality! This was one of the specials Lobster Benedict

Sam D.

Mangia Qui's cocktail selection, personable service, and brunch menu are unsurpassable. With COVID-19 conscientious outdoor seating and an agreeable downtown location, I wholeheartedly recommend dining at Mangia Qui to anyone searching for a relaxing, delightful meal.

Chad R.

Came here last Sunday with an out-of-town friend.  I've been here several times and they never disappoint me.  Very consistent in their quality.  

Ordered off their somewhat limited brunch menu.  We started with 2 Bloody Mary's.  Luckily, there was a crab omelet special that we couldn't pass up.  The omelet was a generous size and cooked perfectly- very light and fluffy. The creamy sauce on top went well with the crab.  Side of vegetables went well with the omelet too.

Restaurant is very comfortable. Staff was a little loud in the bar area though.

Veronica N.

We made reservations for Rubicon, but, due to Covid, it was outdoor seating with the Suba or Mangia Qui menus. I loved the outdoor seating area. It was cozy and had pretty white lights draped over the tables. The street is blocked off for the outdoor dining, which makes it feel like a European bistro. As evening crept in, the servers had blankets to offer for those who needed them. Our server was great and had a mask and gloves on as is the protocol nowadays. We ordered the bakers' dozen oysters and prosciutto-wrapped asparagus as our starters. The oysters were delish as always.  I had no shell bits in mine and was happy that they were filled with oyster liquor. The appetizer we shared was delicious: tender-crisp asparagus and goat cheese wrapped in prosciutto. It was topped with a yummy celery/parsley sauce and was a nice start to the meal. The bread here is one of my favorite parts! It's a lovely experience to be eating warm bread outside, under the lights as the sun sets in the shadow of the state capitol building. My only complaint is the portion size of the entrees. I have eaten at both Rubicon and Mangia Qui several times, so I know this was not they typical size of entrees. My husband ordered the porchettato and was given 3 pieces of the stuffed pork. The pork tenderloin was stuffed with dill and fennel and, while delicious, is not filling. The cannellini bean tomato salad that accompanied the pork was very good. I ordered the Anatra: grilled magret duck breast with Parmesan polenta. The polenta was super good! The huckleberry and fig sauce was a nice balance of sweet and tart snd paired wonderfully with the rich duck. My portion size was good and was a half duck breast, but it felt incomplete. There was a good amount of polenta, but no other side. I guess we are accustomed to seeing the plates a little fuller, especially at this price point. We ordered 2 apps, 2 entrees and multiple drinks and though all were delicious, we actually left feeling not fully satiated.  With all the restrictions restaurants are under, some things need to be changed in order for them to make a profit. I will continue to support our local restaurants, but just know you may get less bang for your buck at the moment.

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