Soul House Cafe

1639 Paxton St, Harrisburg
(717) 236-3500

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Ursula Woodward

Not what I expected at all I was so hyped over looking at the reviews and I am very disappointed now first I'm not a food critic I just want to be honest about my taste buds first the mac and cheese way overcooked noodles barely taste the cheese taste more of the Carnation milk then anything second the potato salad where is the onions that adds flavor a little too sweet other than that that's okay I got the fish I got the whitings and also the catfish catfish sat in water too long had no flavor of the fish but now the breading had flavor kudos for that the whiting that also for some reason the fish was bland but the coating had flavor like I said I'm no food critic but I think if you add some onions to your potato salad and a little flavoring to the fish before you batter it it would be a good thing and the chicken wings I almost forgot chicken wings chicken was fried to perfection but you could taste the old oil that it was Fried in I don't know maybe you need to change the oil that you're using or change it more often thanks for the experience and good luck.

Aletha Britton

I had a whiting dinner with baked mac and cheese, and cabbage. The cabbage was good except cut out some of the salt in it.

N. C.

2 stars because usually decent. But wouldn’t go again on a late night. Limited options which I understand but it’s clear they threw anything together just to make a sell. I basically got the scraps. If I was told my order could not be accommodated, I would have respected that more instead of having my money wasted.

Gloria Gilmore

The food was simply hot and delicious. Reminded me of my family dinners as a child in Alabama. Great food really satisfies your soul

Jaime Barnes

I don't know what happened since they moved to Paxton street. I try to support my brothers n sisters but I no longer can. This last trip was like the 4th time I got chicken and it is super salty and taste like it's been in the grease all day. You have to hope and wish they have sides or other items on menu you want. Sooo sad to see this business lose it's way

Tony Harmon

The food was good but kinda of pricey & you don't get much like you get @ the soul food spots in Rhode Island & Boston

Layna Marie

The food was straight up DISGUSTING no other way to put it


I’m the type of person who understands amazing quality food... TLC! Time, Love & Care And that’s what this food is full of! Did it take more time than some places, a little, but that’s how you know you’re getting fresh food made with love! We love Soul House Cafe! 5 stars all day!!!

Alisha Danielle

I ordered the chicken breast dinner. thru Grubhub. The Mac & cheese was cold and clumped up like it was microwaved or over cooked. The chicken was tasteless. It was juicy and fried great but tasted as if no seasoning was applied. The baked beans was just ok.

Myron Fulton SR

I ordered the wings dinner and two sides,along with the catfish nuggets. I was very pleased with the seasoning and taste of the food, and the wait was not too long. But the parking was less than desirable . I will go back to support their business.

Kelly Myers


Kendra Steele

Burger and banana pudding was great! Location left a bit to be desired if you are from out of town but definitely worth visiting again!

Robbie Bates

Found Soul House Cafe on Google. For the price you got tons of food. Catfish was really good. Baked mac and cheese was excellent. The sweet potato cheesecake was out of this world.Great decision to try this small spot while on vacation. Great hospitality at the restaurant.

Carrinne Grier

The fried and grilled shrimp was good. But the mac n cheese..... not so much.

Aveya Bones

The food is amazing today was my first time going and the Mac and cheese cabbage n fried chicken is what I had and I loved every bit of it they really can cook.... friendly service and the owner made sure I got. My food at a decent time... BLACK OWNED ✊?

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