Jahan Kabob

1 E Trenton Ave, Morrisville
(215) 295-1680

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Kenneth Cleary

We ordered for the first time because we were craving a gyro sandwich and decided to try this place. Maybe their food was good in the past, hence the 4.2 stars, but this was the worst experience I've had in quite some time. Aside from the fact that several items we received were incorrect, the food was terrible. Bread was stale and chewy, meat was bland and tough, humus was watery and flavorless, etc. Avoid. Run. Stay away.


We always get our Afghan food take-outs locally, in Hamilton, NJ. Last night we decided to try a new place, Jahan Kabob, across Delaware river, in Morrisville, PA. Unfortunately, the experience wasn't positive at all.First, the order was half an hour late, but OK, maybe it was GrubHub driver's fault.We ordered a "Family Kabob" ($52.99 via GrubHub) featuring according to the description six different kabobs. Granted, it is $3 cheaper than what our own Afghan Kabob & Grill on Route 33 offers. However, what we got from Jahan, portion-wise, was half the size of the allegedly family tray.Not just the portion was small but the six different kebabs looked more like 2 or 3 different kinds. Please refer to our pictures. But, again, OK, maybe they were six different kinds, but the food tasted bland, the rice was oily and overcooked, the silh kabobs (ground meat/chicken) kept falling apart, and the bread hard as steel and tasted stale.Considering all of the above, 1 star is all we can rate Jahan.

Ryan Mendonca

I love Jahan Kabob! About half of the time, I get the falafel, and the other half of the time I just try something else randomly off of the menu. I've probably had just about everything on the menu by now, and so far I've enjoyed everything I've gotten here. I sometimes struggle a little with a language barrier because I'm not very good with foreign accents, but they're super friendly and patient and I always get what I wanted.

Kathryn Engelhard

I loved their food but I ordered chicken kabobs and the cook gave me the wrong order. I told him I would never have ordered what he was serving me. I hate any kind of tomato sauce. But he refused to redo it. I took the order and dumped it in the garbage.

owen panick

Got the falafel platter. Was delicious, super friendly staff. Highly recommend.

Shannon A

I have ordered from here several times both in the office and at home. And every time it is absolutely delicious! The flavors are amazing! Our lunch hours are consumed by talk of how incredible everything is. The portions are great. Everything is seasoned perfectly. You can tell there is a lot of care put in to this food. We are customers for life. My entire office and my entire family is obsessed! My daughter asked, "why aren't we eating here every night?" Would if we could! I highly recommend!

Jose C Hernandez

I was overcharged and the receipt was not itemized. $18 a chicken and falafel platter. Too expensive for what I got.


Probably the first halal place I had to give a negative review. I was hungry and food was not good. The description and pictures do not match the food.

Jay G.

This place is: Amazing for take out Keto diet very friendly Paleo diet very friendly Great tasting food and amazing value. Only issue, this is not a true sit down restaurant w servers, which it absolutely has the potential for. I'm very happy to have a great inexpensive place to get shwarma, lamb, and gyro platters. Lamb Shank is a must have and my dog loved the bone as well!


HORRIBLE!!! Menu item descriptions and photos, do NOT match what you actually get. The “seared” cauliflower was actually DEEP FRIED and SOAKED in oil, same goes for their “Samosas” (looked NOTHING at all like the sample photo of ACTUAL Samosas) The “Lamb Chops” were also falsely advertised. The only thing decent from our entire order was the chicken and rice. Skip the Baklava as well (tasted like it had been sitting on the shelf for some time). Really surprised how this place is still in business.

Cory R.

Far and away the best take out I've had since moving to Yardley 5 years ago. Everything was so authentic and fresh. Can't wait to go back


My husband and I ordered takeout from here for the first time last night and it was AMAZING. Everything was delicious and portions were huge. Hands down best takeout in the area. This will be a regular spot for us.

Jennifer Hall

This place. #customerforlife says it all. They were polite and friendly from the moment we called our order in to the moment we left their door. Food was freshly made and so tasty. Every plate was clean by the time we were done. Check them out if you are in the area. Mediterranean kabobs and chicken Tikka kabobs was our order.

Dylan Mc2

Great place! Excellent service! Food is amazing. Definitely deserve more recognition!

Ilene G.

Delicious food- a great addition to Morrisville's take out scene

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