Ember & Ash

1520 E Passyunk Ave, Philadelphia
(267) 606-6775

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Mony Kiem

I liked the idea of the restaurant and it didn’t disappoint. Each dish was unique, simple, but full of heart. It stood out of their own and you would be hard pressed to find similar dishes elsewhere. The chicken was a cooked to perfect with an excellent crispy skin, but a little bland. Although if you combine each bite with the pickled lettuce, it was a bombshell. The service was average, edging towards the low end. I was looking forward to the octopus dish I ordered which was clearly forgotten but no amends were made. Overall, promising with room to grow.

Ryan Elmore

So on point and satisfying across the board. Assertive and robust flavors yet refined and beautifully presented. Great bar program with Langhe Nebbiolo on tap, a great NA mocktail list and passionate and attentive service to top it all off.The space is beautiful and very inviting. Indoor dining felt safe and appropriately distanced. Can’t wait to go back and sit at the bar when that’s a possibility.

Nathan Schy

Plain & simple: Chef Scott Calhoun knows what he’s doing. Perfect execution on a custom hearth that legit looks like his kitchen is in the peak stages of a 5 alarm forest fire.

Melissa P.

So many restaurants have closed during this time, but I'm so impressed that this spot was able to rise like a phoenix out of the embers and ash. And the food is fire!

They have takeout, delivery, and limited indoor dining and you can even order wine and cocktails to go. I saw plexiglass all the way around the bar and everyone masked, hand sani at the front. I opted for takeout and ordered online for pickup at 7:45. Got there a few minutes early and food wasn't ready yet (which is honestly a great thing knowing my food wasn't just sitting there getting cold). The takeout all had little labels to tell me what everything was and there was even reheating instructions for one of the items.

The octopus with kumquats- honestly it's hard for some restaurants to get this right when dining in so it's impressive it was really good for takeout.
Corn donuts with uni- I love ordering things I'm not sure what they'll taste like. These are like luxurious hush puppies.
Lamb belly loco moco- very impressed with a takeout runny yolk! Lamb was tender and I loved this take on the hawaiian classic.
Spritz- said it served 3 for $11 which I thought was a steal, maybe I've become heavyhanded during quarantinetime but I thought this was an appropriate portion for 1.
Cauliflower- great vegetarian option- loved the salsa verde.
Chocolate blood pudding with tajin- loved the tangy spice, this tasted like a rich chocolate pudding, don't be scared of the blood!

Overall I'm so happy to have something to look forward to and spruce up my takeout game in the neighborhood. The food was excellent and held up as takeout. Great for a special occasion or just to try something new. Can't wait to visit in person when I'm feeling more comfortable dining in!

Nathan S.

Plain & simple:  Chef Scott Calhoun knows what he's doing.  Perfect execution on a custom hearth that legit looks like his kitchen is in the peak stages of a 5 alarm forest fire.  

We ordered the entire menu.  

Hard to pick the best dish....but also hard to say it wasn't the beef shin.  The kimchee rhubarb stood out on the lamb belly loco moco with rice & fried egg.  Oh yea....don't forget the goddam corn donut with Uni on top.  Psssshhh.

Chef Scott briefly left his post behind the hearth last night to come over to our table and say hello.  I told him, "You know....when it comes to food i feel like I've had it all....but I had ALOT of new takes tonight".  His response was "yup.  snout to tail.  exactly what we're going for".

Layers,  Flavors,  Stars & Bars....all the things.  Get to Philly and try this place.

Ju L.

We dined at Ember & Ash's opening night for indoor dining, and were blown away. I can't say I've been to a place like Ember & Ash in Philly. Needless to say, this restaurant is a great addition to our city.

Service started off great, but dwindled as the night went on. Could be the fact that it was opening night, and the strong showing of diners, that the kitchen was probably backed up. My husband and I ordered the Dirty Molé, Beef Tendon Chicharrones, Blood Sausage, Lamb Belly Loco Moco, and Salt Potatoes to share. The Dirty Molé and chicharrones were the first dishes to come out; however after that, there was a long period of time before the other dishes were brought out.

The Beef Tendon chicharrones were unique, and tasted light and fun. Instead of pork rinds, these are made with beef tendons. Served with a thick tajin mayo, which wasn't really necessary as the chicharrones already taste great on its own.

The Dirty Molé was chicken liver mousse, likely mixed with mole, which explains the dark coloring. It tasted like any other well-made chicken liver mousse.

The blood sausage was one of our favorites of the night, though it was a tad too salty. Other than that, the blood sausage was delicious, and I promise you the crowder peas taste 100x better than they looked.

The Lamb Belly Loco Moco was another favorite. The lamb was perfectly prepared - so tender. The fried soft boiled egg was a nice touch, but the lamb was the best part of the whole dish.

I thought the Salt potatoes would mostly be salted potatoes, but it was more than that, and had an even distribution of potatoes and sunchokes. At $12, it seems a bit steep for a side, but these were quality ingredients, and I can appreciate that.

We ended the night with the Basque Style Cheesecake, which I know it says Basque Style in the name, but reminded me of the Japanese Style Cheesecake. Light and fluffy, and paired perfectly with the kumquat preserves topping.

The craft cocktails on the menu sounded amazing, but we opted for wine with our dinner. The wines here were more than reasonably priced. My husband and I enjoyed a lovely bottle of Syrah from South of the Rhone Valley.

David M.

A very welcome addition to Philadelphia! What a truly unique and terrific menu put together by the Ember & Ash team. We loved every single bite of food, and we will definitely be visiting once we can dine inside. They are super friendly and the dishes were all perfect for sharing. Highly recommended.

Benjamin Silverman

Fantastic food. The trout was fresh, tasty and perfectly done. Also a big fan of all the veggie options on the menu, and they have some of the best non-alcoholic cocktails I've had in the city. Great addition to the neighborhood. I'll definitely be back to check out the rest of the menu!

John Fekete

Incredible take out experience!Hands down the best Octopus I’ve ever had, every dish was packed with flavor! Can’t wait for this spot to have indoor dinning.

Joshua Ellis

Takeout was delicious. Smokey flavors mixed with wonderfully thought out combinations. Can’t wait to enjoy the ambience and see the action.

Jacqueline Tully

We ordered take out and loved everything! Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu.

Sara D.

I ordered takeout from this restaurant to celebrate my 70th birthday with my family and it was delicious!  We plan to go back when they open in January for dining in.  Their foods are very creative and the cooking techniques are unique. The trout was delicious, broccoli was amazing, we highly recommend the chicken pate and chicharrones, not usually a cauliflower fan but this one was divine, best octopus we ever had.
The prices are very reasonable.

Jackie Elizabeth

We LOVED everything we ordered. Also got the Milk Punch cocktail which was very yummy. Super reasonable bottle of wine too. Can’t wait to try the rest of the menu!

Tram N.

My husband ordered takeout from this restaurant to celebrate my 30th birthday and it was probably one of the best meals I've ever had! And it probably would have tasted even better if we were able to eat there. Their foods are very innovative (creative ingredients and different cooking techniques) and delicious! The prices are also reasonable given the quality of the ingredients and the amount of food that you get. HIGHLY recommended and I will definitely come back again!

Katie C.

Ordered on a Saturday night for a large family meal and everything was excellent! Will definitely return soon. We ordered the salt roasted cauliflower, swordfish pastrami and rye, big a** salad, roasted chicken, smoked octopus, whole trout, corn donuts, chocolate blood pudding, the basque style cheesecake. To drink we had the milk punch, the e&a black Manhattan, and the Rusty Rail IPA. Cauliflower was a great option for the vegan in our family.  As a meat eater I still enjoyed this.  Swordfish pastrami and rye was an adventure on my tastebuds. Probably one of the groups favorites.  Big a** salad was a meal in itself... guess that's where it gets it's name from.  The roasted chicken was amazing.  Moist chicken with a great smoked taste.  The greens with the chicken were excellent and rich in flavor. The smoked octopus is by far the best octopus I've ever had.  I would put it up against any octopus around!!  Trout was fresh and presented well.  Corn donuts had a great spice to them and were great for the group.  Both deserts were delicious.  Blood pudding was definitely a new try for us and we all loved it!   Cheesecake was great also.  All the adult drinks were excellent and were great to go!  We will DEFINITELY be back soon for this adventure!

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