Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

3060 Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach
(843) 839-0249

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William M

Haven't been here for a while, different menu. They removed all the sausage items, bratwurst items too. We had the appetizers, chicken wings were ok, pork popsicles were good, pretzels were good. They used to have mussels they are gone too. I asked about the menu change they said items are hard to get. The beer is still good. Located in the market Commons.


We have been going to this restaurant every August for the last 8 or 10 years. This year my wife and our daughter and two grandsons went there again. We asked to sit at the outdoor seating. The abrupt and haughty hostess told us that they only seat tables of 4 or less outside. So to eat outside we would have to sit at two different tables. Then she told us the tables would not be adjoining and we would have to have two different servers. We asked to see the manager. While waiting a server Candace interceded and allowed us to sit at adjoining tables. Her service was excellent. She saved the day. She gets 5 stars. The others we dealt with get no stars.

Jay Grossguth

Always a good meal and beer here. We stop in every summer. Went with the wheat beer and a porter. Very nice! Looking forward to next summer already

chris lampione

I dread Market Common. Not a shopper and hate crowds. 11:50 arrival. Not much of a crowd and got front row parking on the opposite side of the street. (Hints there.?) Met 2 friends, very good company. The hostess and wait very accommodating and pleasant. We all had seafood. I had my first Poke ever. They had fish tacos and blackened salmon sandwiches. Everyone was happy. I absolutely loved the Poke. Tons of delicious tuna. Would have liked a small side but Really flavorful. It came in an edible bowl - a great presentation on the platter. 2 of us had home brewed beer. Very good as well. I walked out paying $26, including a 26% tip. I Don't give 5 stars because nobody's perfect. Pretty darn close. Go, at lunch - before the beach empties. ???

Erika Vreeland

I ordered the Ahi Tuna Salad and paired it with a side of jasmine rice. It's very flavorful and spicy and I loved it! I would definitely come back for the love music and or happy hour.

Ellen Fields

This restaurant has been a favorite of ours until a recent visit. Our table of 3 along with another couple and their 3 young kids were the only ones at the restaurant as they had just opened 20 minutes earlier. As we are waiting for our food I was watching the guys cooking and doing food prep. I happened to notice a guy working on the line (facing out to the restaurant) using both of his hands to text on his phone - using the counter to prop his elbows on. As he’s doing this a plate of tacos was put up in the window and he reaches into a metal bowl containing sweet potato fries and adds them to the taco plate. He never stopped texting. I couldn’t believe it. I asked to speak to a manager, but was told she was conducting an interview. I did report it to our server who was wonderful and she talked to the guy herself. I felt so strongly about this I called back to the restaurant and spoke to a male manager who had just got there. He was most apologetic and advised that no phones were allowed to be carried on the line and would talk to the worker. It’s bad enough we deal with Covid much less a guy who handles the food while handling his phone. We won’t go back.

Chris Aichholz

Nice kids meals, fish tacos were pretty good not blackened enough for me.


Everything was great. Ambiance (including live music) service and drinks. Food was good but not excellent. We enjoyed everything but the kitchen missed badly on 2 of our steaks ( way over on temp). Had a show to catch and place got real busy so did not bother to say anything. Little disappointing since everything else was great

Emily Wolff

Very tasty! Got the veggie burger and grilled chicken sandwich, with garlic fries. Highly recommend these options.Though, a lot of oil/butter was used (like on both sides of the bun and such) so I definitely needed tums afterward. Lol

Mike Weathersby

GB burger was excellent. We also had the BBQ pizza! Also very good!

Cynthia Russe REALTOR

Good was okay. Staff is friendly. Couldn’t go for full 5 star as rice wasn’t fully cooked. No, it wasn’t the hard part from bottom (I know a good pegao’) it was just not fully cooked.

Belinda Portnall

Great place, great beer. Always a good experience.

Pat Lenzo Hanrahan

great service, very cold beer, good food


My wife and I came for a drink. The waitress was rude. They only have 2 of their beers on tap. For Gods sake, it is a brewery. Poor service by waitress ruin the trip here.

Matthew Deweese

So happy we stumbled on this place after checking out the reviews and menu. Our server was awesome and was very quick with our drinks and food. He checked on us the perfect amount of time. The food and beer were amazing and even more so, a great price. I am definitely telling friends about this place. We will be back.

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Gordon Biersch Brewery Restaurant

3060 Howard Ave, Myrtle Beach, SC 29577
(843) 839-0249