DeShawn's Seafood & Chicken

630 Atomic Rd, North Augusta
(803) 442-4444

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Sabrina Morris

I would name just one thing that was good, But I can't. It was all delicious. And the staff was so nice. The cooks know what they are doing!!

Karen Woolford

Visited there with family on my birthday and we loved the food, the chicken was amazing. cannot wait to return. staff was attentive as well!

Steven Milledge

Very nice staff!. Food hot and on point. Love the environment!

B Sure

I'm so disappointed! Went here yesterday with family. The entire purpose of going was for the crab legs all you can eat meal. Okay, what they advertise online is completely different when you get there. Even more disappointing there is no sharing of any kind which is understandable to a certain degree. These people stated to us we can not share with a two or three or four year old.Who going to pay 60 dollars for a small child to eat crab legs?That price is really expensive even for an adult but more understandable. For a small child at that age they barely eat to begin with. Even though it was expensive we were already there we decided to stay and make the best out of it because our family rarely get together everybody to busy. After we got over it is 60 dollars even for a small toddler we had a nice time with each other. Another thing if you going charge those prices I need you to fix up your establishment and make your business look more desirable.The next day after an outing I always check my bank account looking at my transactions, and exactly how much I spent the night before. I look there are two different transactions showing for this business. Okay, why would there be two different charges I only should have one charge for my family. I informed the others to check their bank account we all had two different transactions post to our accounts. The odd thing it was not the same price to say maybe somebody made a mistake swipe the card twice the amounts were totally different. I don't know what kind of games they are playing I know everybody hard up for cash due to this virus that's why they charging so much to begin with but my money you don't play games with!! I reported this to my bank so I know I will get my money back but that really confirmed I will never go there again!!!!!!!!

K. Mitchell

Food was good, the wait time was what made my experience not a 4 star since there were plenty of tables there but we still had to sit and wait until finally we just decided to order our food to go.

Lisa Fisher

shrimp was yummy loved the hush puppies and out server was awesome. we will be back again

Christina Weaver

Food was very delicious and the service was awesome! Crab legs were very good, the waitress kept my crab legs coming, they were always hot when they hit my tray. Waitress was super nice and always coming by and checking on us.

Doug F

Do not judge the food by the exterior of the restaurant. The parking lot is full of pot holes, there are no lined parking spots, the facade looks like an old roadside cafe in the movies, but the food is excellent. We ordered a Seafood Combo and the Seafood Platter Dinner. The combo is a choice of two selections from four entrees. We chose shrimp and scallops. The other two choices were the oysters or fish. The platter included shrimp, scallops, oysters and fish. Both entrees included the choice of two sides. We selected the corn on the cob and coleslaw for the combo and macaroni and cheese and baked beans for the platter. The macaroni and cheese tasted home cooked and the baked beans were excellent. All the seafood was extremely fresh and good quality. The seafood was prepared perfectly. The meals had plenty of seafood. The platter had two pieces of fish; one was catfish and the other was tilapia. Both fish were flaky and moist. The prices are reasonable. We thoroughly enjoyed the meals. The service was very good. When we entered the restaurant there were only two other parties. By the time we left, the restaurant was nearing capacity. The restaurant is very plain, almost Spartan. There is no decor or fancy dining room but the food is excellent.

DeBora Franklin

Hi my husband & I took our daughter out to dinner for her 27th birthday. This was our 2nd time visiting this restaurant.We only been in the Georgia area less than a year coming from the Maryland area. When we ran across this place it was just like being at home again. Our daughter never been here before. She was surprised how good the food was and she enjoyed herself very much. The best part of the visit at DeShawns Seafood was the customer service JAMIE!!!! Our server was awesome she made our daughter feel very special on her birthday. She knew the menu off the back of her hand she took our orders correctly she didn’t miss a beat!!!! She was AWESOME!! She was perfect!!! I haven’t seen good customer service like that in a long time and when I say a long time!!! I mean a long time this young lady knew her stuff she knew the menu off the back of her hand and she needs to be recognized and Commended for a job well done!!! She’s good!!We will be visiting The restaurant again!And once again “ Jamie“ Thank you for the BEST Customer service I’ve ever received since we’ve been here in the Fort Gordon area!!!

Southern Sportsman

Something awful has happened to Deshawn's. They have previously been a reliable restaurant that served up some really good seafood. We ordered two seafood dinners today and while the portions are still large the quality of the fish and the preparation was not good. Not only was the fish off tasting but our orders were incorrect. We watched four take out customers have problems with their orders.Southern Sportsman can no longer recommend.

LeTrecia Johnson

Took forever to place our order.... It was good but my baked potato salad was filled with grease could barely eat it and our waitress which seem like she was working by herself but she never brought my ticket to me so I had to pay upfront. Besides that everything was okay.

C. W.

The food was great, but the owner was even better! He definitely made my sister and family feel good for her bday! I really thank him for the great time! Times are tough for restaurants in this pandemic, but it’s always good to feel like an owner cares! And again, the seafood was fresh, serving sizes were really good too! They have so many options for fresh fish, crab, shrimp, fillet catfish, collarbone catfish. Will definitely come again to try those!


I went there today for lunch with my neighbors Mike and Theo. It was my Birthday plus Father's Day treat. The food was great and not expensive.

Daphnee Stillwell

My first time and it was a great.Just moved to the area and I will be back to eat here again.

A.D. Moulton

Went today for the all you can eat crab legs.. crab legs were HUGE and were seasoned well.. pipping hot! Would definitely recommend for a good ‘treat yourself’ day! Service was awesome as well. Only thing, price online is not what you’re paying in person. $60 for one person all you can eat crab legs (no sharing).

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