Kroger Deli

1284 Knox Ave, North Augusta
(803) 442-4500

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Shonica Jaques

This post is purely for Kroger grocery pick up at Kroger North Augusta. I literally spent an HOUR sitting in the parking lot waiting for my groceries to be brought out. They had ONE woman bringing ALL the orders out, and it was prime time on a Friday night! It was ridiculous! On top of that, people that came after I did were getting upset because of their wait, they went up to the pickup door and got their own groceries slowing the ONE woman bringing the groceries out. This isn't my first issue with this store and their pickup either. So, I have learned my lesson. DON'T USE Kroger pickup.

Amber V.

Kroger is one of my favorite grocery stores because of the wide variety of products they carry.

Billy Knuckles

It’s for sure a super store and very clean

Bob B.

Staff are amazing in helping you find your ingredients. I would recommend to try bot to purchase extra food because they do not allow returns on any food products

Gregg N.

So much for quick pickup! Called and check in. Saw about 5-6 vehicles come in after me and leave before me. So icalled them back and found out that they gave away my groceries. How do you give away $200 worth of groceries? They asked me, "Are you sure someone else didn't come pick up your order?" What kind of question is that? Are you blaming the customer? What kind of verification methods do you have? I could have gone in and shopped all of this myself! Get your act together Kroger. Maybe we'll shop here again. Unloaded the groceries and the cranberry sauce cans were dented!

Christy CJ Brooks

Best sushi! Very nice lady at self checkout!

Zofia R.

Why did you stop selling ground sirloin. I have to go to public to get it now. All you sell is that cheap ground beef and chuck. And why dont you carry the pepperoni chef boyardee pizza mix? I've always shopped here, but you've really gone down hill

C Freeman

The fried chicken is great

Barry Christian

This is our favorite Kroger and we live about equal distance between two. We normally love this store, but the problem lately is that they aren't enforcing the wearing of masks. They have a sign at the door but then rude, inconsiderate people take them off once they get inside and I haven't seen Kroger employees saying anything. I'm not.the only one seeing this either. I've heard it from others. Makes me not want to come back. If you are going to require masks then please actually kick people out who refuse to wear them like Costco and Sam's do. Thanks. Now all of you conspiracy theorists who think this is surrendering liberty instead of just being a common sense and loving thing to do for our neighbors can go attack me. LOL.

Amy Smith

Kroger is a very good place to go I love their deli their food is really good and it's only $5 for a container

Ben Smith

Fresh food always

Isabel H.

I was passing through Augusta & didn't have much time to explore the store; however, I decided to give their "clicklist" a shot. I am thoroughly impressed! I was assisted by Francesca. She had a positive attitude and great service with a smile! I gave the manager, Josh, a call to notify him about my experience. I've never seen a store with such impeccable organization and speedy service! Will probably be a regular whenever I come through here again.

Timothy P. Almy

Good store. Good staff. Today, 3/13/2020...there was no bottled water or paper products. There was not enough baggers/support staff. There were no wipes to clean the carts

Dema Y.

I can't say much about this Kroger besides they had a huge selection of items, stayed open passed 12am, and had the candy I wanted to buy. I haven't been to South Carolina's Krogers besides this one but they seem similar to the ones in Georgia so there is that. I was happy with my experience and would come back when back in Augusta in Georgia or South Carolina.


Excellent customer service

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