La Jalisciense Taqueria

535 Old Edgefield Rd, North Augusta
(803) 279-1075

Recent Reviews

Amber V.

My absolute favorite authentic place to go. The tortillas, tacos and micheladas are the best combo.

Joshua W.

I read the reviews before coming here and they were all good. But honestly the food isn't all that and the service wasn't great either. The only time the waitress checked on us is when she was bringing us the bill. She seemed more worried about the table full of plant workers over 2 individual ppl. The tortillas here are out of a back not hand like most authentic places I've been to in Texas

KayLeigh L.

This was my first experience here. A very unassuming building conjoined to a small Latin market. This place is a true hole in the wall with big booths, a small bar, and even a pool table in the back. A+ authentic atmosphere and food. The chips do not seem to be house made but the salsas that come with the chips/salsa combo certainly are, and will knock your socks off. I ordered 3 tacos (two pollo, one asada). They come standard with cilantro and diced onion on a corn tortilla. The dipping salsas for the tacos were incredibly flavored and spiced to perfection. My husband ordered one Gordita (asada) and one taco (carnitas), he said they were both excellent. We received sliced radishes, cucumbers, limes, and pickled red onions with our salsas before our food came out. All very delicious as well. If you're coming for lunch, plan to come a little early or later because this place produces quite the crowd. (Perhaps brush up on your Spanish a bit to order!)

Patrick Armstrong

Ordered the street tacos, one steak, one pork and one sausage. The pork was the best but the other two were still very good.

Fuma Buna

I love these homemade tortillas! Great spot!


could be a better place front look is terrible, fatal parking, does not have air conditioning, ceiling fans are very low very dangerous, food is very good they are very friendly but the place could be better

Chris Catalina

Good service, prepare for a little spot interpretation si no hablas español. Tortas and burritos are out of this world - chorizo, asada, al pastor all out of this world good.

christine scala

If you are looking for authentic, this is it. It looks like a hole in the wall but the food is delicious. Many of the staff do not speak English well so it would be good if you know a little Spanish. I have tried several dishes here and they are all good. Be forewarned, if you are looking for chips and queso, this is not your place.

Ali Tharrington

I’d post pictures of the food but we ate it so quickly I didn’t get to take any. Absolutely delicious and our server was a doll of a human.


Food was great took me back to when I visited guanajuato mexico....flavorful everything was great except my waitress asked if I was ready to order literally 15 seconds after I sat down..never had I seen a menu took order brought it and never came back had to ask another waitress for mines whereabouts but she was glad to help regardless definitely coming back to try other dishes....??

Mike Knight

Without question, this is the best Mexican food I’ve had in the entire CSRA...... when the Mexican restaurant is full of Mexican people, you know you’re in the right place.

Nicolle Lopez

Always good food ...las quesadillas de chicharron are my favorites

fernando g.

best place to eat for authentic mexican food. their all nice , food is ten minutes most time, and it comes out super well! not too expensive either like big restaurants such as mi ranchos! highly recommend

Marcus Webb

Delicious authentic Mexican food. No liquor, just beer. Get the Torta Cubana.

Laura Nicolas

We go on Saturday mornings for their menudo. Hands down the best restaurant menudo we’ve had in a while. Great service and friendly staff. No issues or complaints. Two thumbs up!

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