Sundown Sports Pub

810 Surfside Dr, Surfside Beach
(843) 238-1240

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Victor Camasi

Had a waitress from New York who seems to have lost her mind and judged me by the people that came in who were impaired and I will NEVER go there again. My wife asked four (4) times for silverware for her salad and this girl doesn’t have any business shining shoes much less serving food. We will never go back again!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Sherry, Mary, and the rest of the staff treated us like family! We came in almost every morning on vacation for breakfast specials and bloody marys. Everything was great and at good prices. It was impressive they remembered our names from the first visit. We are also WV fans, so the decor and atmosphere was awesome! We can't wait to go back!

Brock Miller

This place was great for breakfast. What you would expect from a pub. The food was great.

Jacqueline Anthony

Service at the place is awesome. Shout out to Cinnamon! The food was great too. I highly recommend the fish tacos.

Jennifer Tarot Johnson

Delicious spaghetti. Great atmosphere. Professional and friendly service

Linda V.

Great atmosphere, But, I would not eat there. I sat down near the kitchen where the food was coming out and watched a couple waitresses touch almost every hamburger bun that came out of there to lift it up and see what was on the bun. I didn't notice anybody washing their hands. But a lot of fun things go on there. I just wouldn't eat there! Go WV!

Elizabeth McAllister

Great time! Live music with sing-along hits. Fast service and fresh food.


Sundown? More like Letdown. I'd give it a half star if I could, and that's generous as it is. It's a cheap dive bar that serves food you could make at home yourself. The drink prices are RIDICULOUS. For a party of 4, food price alone was only $45. Our total bill was over $85. What they DON'T tell you is that a single bottle of beer is $3-$5 and mixed drinks/cocktails are over $10 a piece. Menus don't display any prices at all for alcohol and they take the liberty of applying a $4 surcharge for credit card usage. Do yourself a favour and visit anywhere other than this dive.

Fr Ca

Great food and great atmosphere

Porter Gorfon

Went in while visiting from our of town. Wings were on the spot perfect. Also had in house music and it was great! Compliments to all staff and musicians present. Plan on coming back next year.

Cheryl Lawhead

Great atmosphere. Food was great. They were short staffed for waitresses but everyone is right now. I think they did an awesome job for as busy as they were and only 2 of them.

Josh Brightwell

Extremely rude bartender. Not only rude but just plain disrespectful. I've never seen a bartender with such an attitude problem. It's in the job description that you are supposed to be social and friendly. Not this lady. She not only treated us like we didn't belong, and was snappy and irritable, but she gave us the wrong drinks and we ended up paying for things we didn't drink. Took ten minutes just to close my tab, so I couldn't even leave until that was done, but she took her sweet time and even took the time to stare at the tv on the way! Don't know her name but she worked the outside bar Saturday, Jun 5th, around 7pm. This bar has fallen apart from what it used to be. I highly reccomend that you go somewhere else!

Catherine M.

We came here for a breakfast one day on vacation, and it's exactly what you expect it to be- a dark bar with great breakfast food and strong drinks. Our waitress was very kind and kept up with our requests pretty well even though I know they are understaffed. I loved their corn beef hash special, as it was one of the best ones I have had. The drinks were strong, and the mimosa was more champagne than OJ, exactly how it should be. It's unpretentious and obviously full of locals instead of tourists but that's what gave it the charm.

Catherine S.

What a joke. Went there for Wednesday lobster night ordered the lobster dinner, an hour later waitress comes back to the table and says they're out of lobster then 30 minutes after that 3 tables next to us get lobster. I will never ever ever go to this restaurant again! What a fucking joke!!!!!!! I even called ahead and asked what the special included. No one ever said anything about ordering ahead of time.

Cynthia Crenshaw

Great Food. I only gave 4 stars because like a lot of places these days, they were short staffed so the service was a little slow and the tickets were not right. Once pointed out, the waitress fixed it.She was very pleasant about it.

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