817 E North St, Rapid City
(605) 342-2515

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Black hills metal buyers

Not sure why we even try going here. They can’t put the correct order in, sit for 20 min in front of store for them to make your order and then they don’t even give you what you order. Call them back and get told “I didn’t specify….” The menu literally has a picture of the meal. How smart do u have to be to box chicken?


It's fried chicken. And it goes hard

Sarah Mohler

Tried ordering ahead so I could just pick up, was told I had to be in the parking lot before I could order.Went there, tried to order a bucket meal I saw on the menu online and was told it was online only, so I just got Chicken Tenders, got home and one “tender” was actually battered and fried PAPER. This is not okay.


Very good service, fasted drive thru is rapid city. Very attentive with their curb side minimal wait time

Kaylee P

Chicken was very good. Sides were good and biscuits delicious. But a bit spendy.

Michael Gwin

Great chicken, best prices in town and fast food to boot.

Paul Anderson

Fairly average KFC experience. The popcorn chicken was more popcorn and not so much chicken. Very few actual pieces of chicken. Disturbingly underwhelming.However the spicy chicken sandwich is the bomb and really made up for it, and then some.

Carol Barney

Great food and fantastic service! The window agent was warm and welcoming with a fantastic attitude ? and it was a very busy night ☺

Melissa Afraid Of Lightening

KFC is always good! Awesome employees. Didn't mess up my order and gave me everything I needed to eat in my ?

Elaine MatoTamaHece

Had Crispy chicken, Mac & cheese and potatoes & gravy for lunch with my daughters. Great food, awesome company. ❤️ What a combo!

Elena MatoTamaHece

When you haven't had KFC in a spell, mmm mmm mmm pure goodness. Biscuits so soft & chicken so crispy & tender, mouth watering sides. Mmm. Mac & cheese 'git in mah belly'. ?? Having lunch with my daughters, lucky for this Mama. ?❤️

Michael B.

So they spend all the money on this new makeover of the building, but the people that work there are still trash.

Tami Hainea

Always happy with any meal I get at KFC.

Karen L

The lobby was closed so I cannot comment on that. But the drive through was open and got my food fast and hot. The wings were delicious. Thank you KFC for a good experience.

Russell Farley

Chicken was good and the staff was great, but they shorted me an order of Mac and cheese. Tried to call them since I was not driving back, but keeped getting a busy signal

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