Five Guys

401 Broad St, Chattanooga
(423) 531-8267

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simple dinner when other options did not pan out - I was not disappointed. Lad who took my order was very patient with my lack of knowledge and familiarity with 5Guys menu, etc. Food preparation, delivery, and atmosphere were excellent in addition to the lad's service. Very pleased. Oh yeah , the food was EXCELLENT!


The folks who worked the shift when we were there were attentive and friendly! That is the sole reason for a 3-star rating! We were extremely disappointed in the level of cleanliness. We actually had to clean our table and seats with hand sanitizer and napkins. There seemed to be little to no attention placed on cleanliness. The floors were dirty and the tables and chairs were messy. The drink station was not clean, it was sticky and messy. Having to ask forr napkins due to none being available is more of a burden, than a convenience! I did take photos, but since the staff were so friendly, I decided not to post them. Gone are the days when you were given more fries than you could eat. The burgers were cooked to order and were tasty, but way over priced. Used to really love this place, but not sure we will ever return. There is no reason to pay that much for a hamburger, and certainly never any reason to have to sanitize the place before you can sit and eat! Certainly, wouldn't return to this location. Cleanliness of the dining area was a failure. It is a shame because this location is the perfect location in beautiful downtown Chattanooga! This Five Guys location was a total disappointment! ?

Michael DePoortere

We were next door at iGNis Glass for a WWP event and when the coordinator went to Five Guys to purchase food for the 20 or so participants the restaurant refused his money. Instead they handed him a stack of gift cards and said all our food was on hesitation. Given each meal was $20 minimum this was a huge donation to WWP and us from a local business, especially without even being asked. This is a mark of a truly caring company and owners.

Matthew Kreth

Great burger and fries. If you’ve done Five Guys before you know but if you haven’t, remember that the fries come with the same amount as in the cup included dumped in the bag too and the little hamburger is the single where as if you don’t say little you’re getting a double. Excellent food and very tasty. The best fast food burger hands down.

Christie M Gann

Always friendly and good. May be a wait because they stay busy. Self serve electronic drink machine. Nice nostalgic deli diner. Love the design. Clean restrooms. Parking metered and scarce.

Micheal Frye

Loved it!! The fries were awesome and very plentiful, i had the hot dog with bacon and loaded with everything, omg!! Was so good!! All the ladies were very pleasant and definitely no skimpage on the food!! Dont change a thing Five Guys, your awesome, and next time i try the burger!!

Susan Anderson

Quick burger and fries with the grandkids. I get mine in a bowl with extra lettuce and tomatoes, since I am gluten intolerant. Enjoyed the visit!


We were actually going to visit another restaurant, but the wait was longer than expected. So, for what we were looking for, this was a great option. Typical FIve Guys experience for us, with a nice burger and plenty of fries.


The food was good, but. the service was.... The bacon on my Bacon Cheeseburger was lost in the ketchup, and I had to ask how many pieces were on the sandwich. I was told two, broken in half. This did not cover the burger from end to end, and for the price, it left me empty. It a one and done night at Five Guys!


Waiting to see a movie. This was th only restaurant that didn't have a 30 minute wait on a Friday night. The WORST $8.00 hamburger ever! Sloppily made, big chunks of lettuce that needed to be IN a salad not ON a burger, the hamburger itself, restless and was never in "one piece" crumbled and fell out of bun immediately, a pan handler right at the entrance of the restaurant. They left the bacon off my bacon burger! $23.00 for 2 substandard burgers, 2 colas and 1 fry. Fries cold and greasy. NEVER AGAIN!!! We passed at least 5 burger drive throughs on the way into town. We could have eaten at Amigos in Red Bank with dessert for what we paid for this slop! Lesson learned!

Robert Bergeron

Great food but really pricey


This location was just down the street from our hotel so it was convenient for our first night in town. We ordered a reg cheeseburger and a small cheeseburger and of course, the fantastic fries and drinks. Not disappointed at all....good to know what we get from this restaurant each time. We've eaten at several different locations and always are satisfied. Not really 'cheap' eats, but not quite 'mid-range'.... :)

Glenn Simmons

Super burger. Great fries but none needed

Seikeenha Logan

So freaking good best bacon cheeseburger I've ever had and the fried are good too they give you half a bag of them for a family size and they all got ate up but them burgers though... THEY ARE BUSSIN!!!!! IT'S TOTALLY WORTH THE MONEY

Danielle Burress

Very nice professional staff and they always make sure fries are hott and fresh when you pickup

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