906 S Hartmann Dr, Lebanon
(615) 443-7572

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Diana Fuentes Santo

Picked up my order of a bacon, egg and cheese biscuit and this is what I got. That’s right…no egg, no cheese and undercooked ham. This is my second time eating at Bojangles….last time eating at Bojangles.

alex koerner

Quite a bit of hype for what it was, fries were terrible, chicken was good nothing too special, biscuits were beter than average fast food. And banana chocolate pie wasn't good at all.


They were short staff but they had better service than the one I went to yesterday.i waited for 15 minutes at a bojangles and here I waited 5


They no longer have regular chicken tenders and this is their idea of a full fry container

Will Gamache

Super friendly, fresh hot and fast, spicy Louisiana style chicken and sides. Green beans with fried onions and gravy? Yes please. The decor was spot on, but the place was pretty dirty, and there were numerous young ladies in Bojangles shirts gabbing, so no one is perfect but this pace is close!

Sherry Treadway

First time there, chicken hot, fries cold, friendly drive thru people. I won't rate low because of fries...but I will stop by again. I liked the chicken.

nmac mac

Didn't know Bojangles chicken was so hot. Cause on the order screen it just said crispy chicken ? never have eaten at Bojangles beforehand and will never eat there again because they don't have anything stating there chicken was spicy hot. I almost had blisters come up in my mouth.

Carlos Zapata

OMG, food was so terrible. Chicken tasted nothing like chicken but more like pepper or hot seasoning. I don’t know how to describe the french fries but they were well over cooked not even sure they were made from a potato.This is the first time I have ever been to a Bojangles, and most likely the last time at least at this particular restaurant.

Heather L.

If I could give zero stars I would! Been craving some chicken tenders & ranch from here so I stopped by today on my way home (I only live 10 mins from here). I get home my tenders are hard as a brick couldn't eat them I'm sure they have been sitting there all day! been trying to call the store but just get a busy signal!

Holly B.

Very surprised by this delicious chicken. My husband and I had a late dinner at 7;30pm tonight and was not sure how fresh the food would be. We had the Supreme Tenders with sides of Mac and cheese and Dirty Rice. The chicken tenders were moist with a little "zing"! The food was warm. Not probably cooked very close to when we ate it , but pretty good for late meal. Nice people there, too! So many fast food restaurants are needing help and food can "take a dive". Good job to this crew! This was our first visit and would not hesitate to come back!

Jeff Sanders

First time enjoying bojangles. The bos chicken biscuit is the best thing ever!

Stephanie M.

I ordered online so I wouldn't have to wait. Lobby was closed (okay) had to wait in the drive through (5 minutes) was told had to park cause my food wasn't ready (15 minutes) At this point I had ordered my food online over 30 minutes prior.

Janet Scott

The manager was very nice and pleasant. For was good as well.

Jeff Motter

The inside was closed so I decided to go somewhere else. I didn't have time to waist in the drive through.

Leslie Johnson-Morgan

The service I received is worth returning. Fast, friendly, and efficient. It's rare to get a salad not made with iceberg at a "fast food" restaurant, but Bojangles had me covered! The chicken, biscuits and ice tea were great too.

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