Be Caffeinated

3601 Dayton Blvd, Red Bank
(423) 541-5510

Recent Reviews

Andi Li

so friendly and their chattahooligan.. amazing

Cory Barnes

Great selection and service! One of the best white choc mochas I’ve had. They also have convenient locations. Chris and his team do a really solid job ?

Susie Barnett

Becaffeinated is my favorite coffee shop. They have the best chi tea that I’ve had. We need a shop in the Soddy Hixson Middle Valley area. ?

Alaina Marinello

The menu and service here is unlike any other! Personal shoutout to Wyatt who always answers all my questions with patience and a smile. Do yourself a favor and start getting your coffee here-you won’t regret it!

Amy Arnold

Friendly service and extremely convenient - drive thru only, so perfect for those days when you need coffee but feel like just rolling out of bed! The menu is diverse and they are happy to customize the options. Skip the Starbucks and Dunkin and shop local!

Kayla Patterson

Good coffee! Locally sourced baked goods, cold brew, kind staff. I always have a great experience.


Super convenient locations, drive-thru, and friendly staff (who are willing to help make adjustments), plus delicious drinks! Definitely one of the best shops in Chattanooga.

Phimm Designs

I have been going to both locations, even when they both first opened. I am in awe everytime with the service. Came back to the red bank location this morning and I'm happy to see the same service is still holding strong. Love this place LOVE THE COFFEE! Cheers!

Anya Geistert

be caffeinated is hands down my favorite coffee shop. the coffee is amazing, the environment is comfy, and the baristas are always so nice. highly recommend.

Tammy Parks

We loved the convenience of the drive through, the baristas were helpful and pleasant, and the espresso was hot and strong! What more could you ask for? We will be back! We’re looking forward to trying the iced espresso drinks!

Uteva Chesser

Becaffeinated has quickly became one of my favorite go to local coffee shops. The coffee is smooth and they are able to cater to my dietary needs. Rather you want to stop in and go, stay and enjoy the patio or drive thru you are always greeted with a smile and receive excellent service. Highly recommend!

Keira Bailey

Amazing experience Dec 9th!! 8 mins before closing we grabbed a couple of the usual drinks for myself and hubby but forgot to order the chocolate milk for my little. The barista was super awesome and gave us the chocolate milk without any complaints. Obvi we tipped him graciously but after we left my little was so happy I had to write an amazing review for our favorite coffee shop in Red Bank/Chattanooga.

Deborah Bond

Best coffee in town! Java chip ice latte is AMAZING. Service is fast, quality is epic. Highly recommend!!!

Andi Houston Jeane

Best coffee, best service. I go about four or five times a week and have never had a bad experience. And you don’t even have to get out of your car! Highly recommend this business

Rudy Rodriguez

Absolutely love this place. The staff is amazing everything is priced reasonably and couldn't ask for a more pleasing lounge. 10 out of 10 will get coffee again. ?

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